Graham London

Graham-London is proud and honoured to be the official time keeper for the next TT Isle of Man races.

The brand Graham-London was primarily founded in 1695 by George Graham, known as “the father of the chronograph”.

Open-minded and passionately interested in exchanges with his peers, including in other countries, Graham would doubtless have approved this modern Swiss initiative to revive the finest British horological traditions and build on his rich heritage.

Based on inventive concepts determining design, functions and finish, the “British brand made by Swiss” creates imposing “wrist machines”.

Our different timepieces have revolutionized a few codes in traditional design, especially with the chronograph that belongs to Graham’s core business.

Graham watches designs reflect the inventiveness and the eccentricity of the inhabitants of the British Isles combines with the excellence of the traditional know-how.

Download the official Graham London screen saver for your PC:

For more information visit the Graham London website.