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Planning for TT 2008 begins

Thursday, June 14, 2007
Paul Phillips

With memories of the amazing Centenary TT festivities fresh in everyone's minds, the people behind the event are already getting ready for TT2008!

Isle of Man Government Department of Tourism and Leisure TT and motorsport development manager Paul Phillips is asking for the views of fans, riders and teams as work begins on the 101st TT.

In an open message to fans Mr Phillips says:

'With a successful TT Centenary behind us, it is now time to start working hard on next year’s event and it’s longer term future.'
'We want to collect feedback from you all on this year’s event, including what you enjoyed, what you didn’t enjoy and what we could do better. We also want to know what you want to see in 2008.'
'Last year we collected some terrific feedback from members of the public, and some of the ideas we were given, we implemented at this year's event.'

In his message to riders and team members, Mr Phillips says:

'At the end of a hectic but highly successful Centenary TT the time has come to start planning the next, and after three years of vast changes to the infrastructure of the event, it is time to take stock, evaluate where we are, and where are next steps should take us.'
'We would like to collate your feedback as part of a larger scale consultation exercise as riders, team bosses and team members, which will be vital as we plan our next steps. We would particularly like to hear your feedback, good or bad on the following subjects – general race organisation, race management, marshalling, paddock and Grandstand, event promotion and rules and regulations.'
'We would also be particularly keen to gain your feedback on the class structure. Let us know your thoughts on the practice make up, race classes and also any views for additional classes, or second races for existing classes.'
'In addition to the above, please feel free to give us your feedback on any other topic related to the TT. We appreciate you taking your time to help us with the planning for the future of the TT, and thank you for the vital part you played in making TT 2007 a success.'

If you would like to contribute send your views to [email protected]


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