Isle of Man TT Races

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26 May - 08 June 2018

Official Timing Partner
Wryst Timepieces


Subaru - Official Isle of Man TT Car Partner

Car brands, they're ten a penny. As most are actively trying to appeal to the mass market, don’t you think that one day all cars will just be the same?

Not at Subaru. We are proud of the fact that we are not mass market. Our cars are not for Mr and Mrs Smith with their 2.4 kids, their 10.3 mile commute and their weekend of supermarket trips, car washing, and television.

Our cars appeal to a much more interesting kind of person. You see, Subaru drivers don’t like to follow the crowd. They're the adventurous ones, the spirited ones, they do things that others just talk about. And they do it their way. They very rarely have a map or a plan. Because they live for the now and they enjoy every single moment of it.

Have you got an independent spirit, a sense of self and purpose like we do? If yes then join us, because you are Subaru.

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