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Started by stubottle at 04-06-2011 11:18 AM. Topic has 523 replies.

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   04-06-2011, 11:18 AM
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Re: TT Course knowledge
No, it's before the halfway post.

   04-06-2011, 9:27 PM
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Re: TT Course knowledge
I think what is referred to as Ballavolley bends is between Ballacrye and the start of Quarry Bends (after Ballacrye there are a couple of fairly gentle right hand bends)whereas Gob y Volley is the last Quarry bend?!

   04-09-2011, 12:00 AM
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Re: TT Course knowledge
25,000 OS map shows (a) Ballavolley (farm?) near road junction just after Ballacrye.
   04-11-2011, 8:58 AM
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Re: TT Course knowledge
Yes right. After a close check I've found that Ballavolley Bends are mentioned at a wrong place in the list. Ballavolley farm is on the right of road B9 that leads from a point after Ballacrye farm to The Cronk on the west coast. The junction is to the left from the TT Course between Ballacrye and Wild Life Park. I'll move Ballavolley Bends to the list between Ballacrye and 18th course mile mark. Cooil Baine will not be mentioned by me at the list. It's just a building and it isn't a well known landmark. Google gives only one hit and that is on this very thread. I can't find it on any of my maps including my official taxi map for the island. If there will be a huge protest I'll maybe change my mind. Sorry stubottle, it seems that your're the only one at this forum who know the name. I'll add Gob-y-Volley as the last of the Quarry Bends where it's written Ballavolley Bends in the older version of the list. I'll change the map and move Ballavolley Bends to a spot between Ballacrye and 18th.
   04-11-2011, 9:36 AM
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TT Course knowledge
The first time I took part in this thread was in September 2007. This is maybe my last version. There are too many details to check and as I've mentioned some time ago I'll continue as long as it's fun. Now I've reached the end. My eyes are slowly weaker and this takes much of my time. I'm soon 70 and if someone else will take over you're welcome. It's just to mark, copy and paste. I'll hope that some of you guys living on the island will take over. That would make the task simplier. Sweden is too far from Isle of Man to give a possibility to check everything in detail. Good bye!

PLEASE NOTE! There are some changes since the earlier published lists.

Andrew Reid's Virtual Isle of Man.
Bob Holliday's book Racing Around the Island.

Isle Of Man TT Official Site.
Members of this forum.
Paul Bradford's book Isle of Man TT & MGP Memorial 1907-2007.
Peter Corlett about plaques.
Ray Knight's  book TT Riders Guide.
The Official Spectator Course Guide 2010.

TT Course Incident Management Green Book 2007.
Yn Cheshaght Ghailckagh. (The Manx Society.)

Andrew Reid's Virtual Isle of Man. 360° Panoramic Views.

Please click the links for panoramas. Requires either java enabled in your browser or the quicktime plugin installed. Drag the mouse with the mouse button pressed - rotate the panorama to look up, down, left or right. For more information or help about the panoramas, please visit:

The red figures shows TT Course place names with their approximate milage from the start. Mile marks here are measured from the start line which means that they are not always at the same spot as the milestones are in reality! Some milestones along the course are, for example, measured from the old capital Castletown and their placings has nothing with the TT Course to do.


Start And Finish Line (Grandstand) 0/37.73 http://www.gyrovision.com/panoid/47/100/1
(Grandstand on the left in Douglas, Manx: Doolish which means Black Water. Another explanation of the name Douglas is that the first part comes from the River Dhoo and the second part from River Glass, hence Douglas. Douglas is as well called Dubh Lios, which means Black Lios. Not shure which is correct. The Stanley Woods Memorial Clock is on the scoreboard. There is a plaque to the right of the clock as a commemoration for the 10 times winner of TT-races between  1922 and 1939. On the wall to the right of the course, at the starting line, in the corner of Greenfield Road are two commemoration plaques. One for Joey Dunlop and one for Mike Hailwood.)
Glencrutchery Road (Glen means narrow valley. Glencrutchery is said to mean the ”The Road of Harper's Glen”, but this is doubtful according to some sources.)
Noble's Park (The park, on the left, was given to Douglas Corporation by the trustees of the estate of Henry Bloom Noble in April 1909.)
St Andrew's Church on the left.

St Ninian's 0.4 (Slight left hander. St Ninian brought Christianity to the island in the 5th century. Possible to come and leave when race is on. Footbridge over the course. Toilets in St Andrew's Church Hall. Drinks and food at Bray Hill Filling Station and St Andrew's Church Hall. No parking.)
Bray Hill 0.6 http://www.gyrovision.com/panoid/40/100/1
(Slight right hander at the bottom and there is a cross road. Thorny Road to the left and Tromode Road to the right.
In times gone by, was known as "Siberia". Some food
available at the bottom of Bray Hill on left side. Portaloos at Thorny Road. No parking. Access to and from at racing.)
Ago's Leap (Giacomo Agostini, 15 times world champion, 10 times TT winner.)
Selborne Drive Junction 0.9
1st course mile mark. (On the right. These marks, mentioned in this list as course mile marks, are measured from the starting line and they are signs with black digits on a white bottom. According to logs from on board computers at Ian Lougher's bikes from 2006, a 600 cc has full throttle at 75 % of a lap. On a 1000 cc it's only 15 %.)
Alexander Drive Junction (Woodlands) (Slight left hander. As well mentioned as Eyreton Corner as there is definitely a house called Eyreton on Quarterbridge Road. The Bishops House, Eyreton, is situated on the Quarter Bridge side of the junction. At the bottom of Alexander Drive there is a seat in memory of Walter Lesley Handley who was the first man to win two races the same week in 1925 on a Rex-Acme.)
Quarter Bridge 1.3 http://www.gyrovision.com/panoid/85/100/1
(Right hander. Also known as ”Bridge of the Quarterlands.” Here is a pub on the left, Quarter Bridge Arms or Hotel. The boundary between the quarterlands of Ballabrooie or River Bridge Farm and Ballaquayle, in the Treen of Douglas. This bridge spans the River Glass, which is here the boundary between the parishes of Kirk Braddan and Kirk Conchan. Toilets and food in the pub (hotel)  and at National Sports Centre that is close. Mc Donalds half a mile away. Parking available but come early! Possible to come and go when race is on. Here is as well access to the inside of the course via the TT Access Road, that is the only way to cross the course with a vehicle during races.)
Port-e-Chee meadow wall (Camping and football field. Home of the Douglas Football Union.)
Jubilee Oak
(In the middle of the roundabout just before Braddan Bridge. Planted 1887 to mark the Golden Jubilee (50 year reign) of Queen Victoria.)
Braddan Bridge 1.8 http://www.gyrovision.com/panoid/78/100/1
(S-bend left-right. There were ten Irish saints named Brenainn. The form Braddan into which Brenainn developed in Mann, took place at an early date. On the wall at the churchyard there is a plaque on the wall for newcomer Serge Le Moal who was killed here in 125cc practice in 2004. After the 2nd roundabout there is a seat to remember marshall Percy Guest who was hit by a local motorcyclist when preparing for a practice. Possible the get to at race. Some parking. Come early. Here is a Grandstand with a small fee. Toilets at the Grandstand and in the Church Hall. Food and drinks at the Grandstand and in the Church Hall.)
2nd course mile mark.
On the right.
(Kirby Garden Center.)
Snugborough 2.5 (Sweeping left. English: "snug borough," where the latter element is used to denote a farm. At the Snugborough Estate there is a commemoration seat for Manxman Syd Mizen who raced in the 50s and 60s. He was killed in an accident 1966 at Le Mans in France.)
Union Mills http://www.gyrovision.com/panoid/86/100/1
(Slight right-left hander. The exit of Union Mills is a winner. Opposite the petrol station in a community hall grounds. You have to go round the back, behind and through the bushes to get to toilets and refreshments and to get out once roads are shut.)
Railway Inn
2.6 (Hard right hander. Here is a pub on the left close to the junction Lhergy Cripperty Cronk Road to the left. Access at race.  Food, drinks and toilets. Parking.)     
Strang Road 2.7 (Post office on the right used to be the home of the pop group the Bee Gees. Now a SPAR shop. Parking. Access at race.)
Union Mills Garage on the left.
Union Mills Church
on the right. (Light food and drinks. Toilets.)     
Trollaby Lane (Lhoan Trollaby on the right. Scandinavian: Trolla-byr, which may mean "the farm of the trolls" or
"Trolli's farm". Personal name.)

3rd course mile mark. On the right.
Ballahutchin 3 Top of called Ballafreer. 3.4 (Ballahutchin House to the left. "Freer's homestead", name from the house there on the right. Balla means place, farm or home of. Ballahutchin means "Hutchin's farm".)
Elm Bank to the right.
Glen Lough Campsite 3.5 (On the left. Manx: Glion logh, "lake glen".)
Glen Vine
Ballagarey 3.8 http://www.gyrovision.com/panoid/76/100/1
(Right hander. Garey means garden or shrubbery. Manx: Ballalhergy Balley ny liargee, "farm of the slope." Could mean in Manx, Bailey garee, ”river thicket farm” as well. Often named “Ballascary”.)
4th course mile mark. On the left.
Glen Darragh Road
4.1 (To the left at the traffic lights.)
Marown Church (St Runius Church on the left.)
Twisted Chimneys
(On the left. A house with two chimnies built as corkscrews.)
(Manx: Balley Ny Croshey. Slight left hander first that leads in to Crosby. David Jefferies crashed here in practice and was killed 2003.)
Crosby Church Hall (On the right.)  
Crosby Cross Roads 4.7
Crosby Hotel and Pub
4.8 (On the right. Parking, food, toilets and drinks.)
5th course mile mark.
On the left.
Wagon and Horses
5.2 (On the left. Half Way House. Private villa now. Used to be a pub.)
The Highlander 5.5 (On the right. Now a restaurant. Used to be a pub. No access at race. Limited parking opposite the restaurant. Food and drinks.)
Greeba Veranda
(Fern Bank. On the right. Left hander. It is a viewing spot, open to the public, but with restricted numbers.  Possibly parking, toilets and refreshments are available too.)
Pear Tree Cottage 5.9 (On the right. Left hander.)
Greeba Castle
5.9 http://www.gyrovision.com/panoid/83/100/1
(Right hander.)
6th course mile mark.
On the right.
6.3 (Slight left-right.)
Cronk Dhoo (Doo) Farm
(Camp site on the right. Cronk means hill and Cronk Doo "black hill".)
Greeba Bridge 6.7 http://www.gyrovision.com/panoid/82/100/1
(After, on the left is a church built 1881 named The Old Chapel.)
The Hawthorn
6.9 (A pub on the left. Access only via the course. Parking available. Food, drinks and toilets preferably for guests.)
Cronkbreck Farm (On the right. Means "speckled hill farm". As you approach from the Hawthorn, Cronkbreck House is on your left and Cronkbreck Farm is on your right. Then there is the minor road/lane off to the left (to Kennaa and The Hope). Past this, but "gabling" on to it on the left, is Knock Breck/Harold Leece's. Beyond is Gorse Lea Corner. A fast right hander. As above, the place names appear split or joined, depending on which source that you use. Proposed to be renamed Harold's or Harold Leece's as a tribute to one of the most hospitable landowners on the whole of the course. Toilets and parking. Hot and cold food and drinks. You can get to and from it whilst the course is closed and it is one of the best places on the track to watch. There is a kind of a grandstand as well. Harold usually has conveniently positioned tractor-trailers and ladders to help spectators to get a better view. There is some confusion as the Gorse Lea Section stretches from just past the Hawthorn and along the straight towards Ballagarraghyn. This is of course the area where keen twitchers come to see the famous Gorse Lea Pheasant.)
7th course mile mark. On the right.
Gorse Lea
House 7 (Gorse Lea is the name of a building on the right.)
7.5 Bridge and Farm on the right. (”Dorgan or O'Dorgan's farm” (Irish: O'Dorcháin), lost surname. The metamorphosis of Dorgan or Doraughan into Garraghyn. Used to be a hump-backed bridge.)
Ballacraine 7.7 http://www.gyrovision.com/panoid/75/100/1
(Right hander. ”Craine's farm.” Used to be a pub on the left. That was the pub that George Formby crashed into in the movie ”No Limit”. Access at race. Parking on Peel Road and Foxdale Road. Food and drinks at Tynwald Inn in St John's. Public toilets opposite Tynwald Hill in St John's and there is a shop as well. Nearby is a coffee shop and cafeteria at Tynwald Mills.)
Ballaspur 7.9 (Left-right hander. Milky’s, Richard Quayle's, crash. Means “Pointed Rock Farm”.)
8th course mile mark sign is missing in April 2009.

Ballig (Means "farm of the hollow". Ballig Plantation on the right.)
Ballig Bridge
8.2 http://www.gyrovision.com/panoid/77/100/1
(Over the river Neb. Here was a jump quite equal with Ballaugh Bridge in the early days.
The bridge was widened, straightened and flattened in 1936. Left hander after the bridge.)

Doran's Bend
8.3 (Hard left hander. Bill Doran twice second in TT races in the 1940s and 50s. He spilled here and broke a leg at practice 1950. On the wall to the right by the river, at the gate to Beary Farm, there is a plaque dedicated to Phil Mellor who died here in the TT 1989.)
Hope Corner
Rocky Face
(Right hander.)
Laurel Bank 1
8.6 http://www.gyrovision.com/panoid/84/100/1
(Right and a hard left hander. Name comes from the laurel bushes that used to grow here. Could be the bend that was called Horn's Corner for a while in the 50's. Chris Horn was taking part in the Senior TT on Friday June 8th 1951, riding a Norton, when he lost control and was killed instantly.)
Laurel Bank Cottage on the left.
Laurel Bank 2 (Hard right hander.)
Glen Mooar Mills
8.9 (Left hander. Mill on the right.)
Glen Mooar Garage (Means "great glen garage". Now closed.)
9th course mile mark sign is missing in April 2009. (Right-left hander.)
Black Dub 9.1 (Glen Mooar) (Left-right. Refers to the bog. If you look over the bank to the left of the start of the right hander you will see the small bog or "dub" and it is black. Moar means large or big and Dub refers to the bog.)
The Vaaish Moar 9.2 (Right hander. The Vaaish is on the left. It is a small but prominent plantation of 17 hectares on a very steep bank overlooking Glen Helen. It was first planted in 1935 and then again in 1965 with 2.8 hectares being restocked in 1988. The main species in this plantation are Japanese Larch, Scots Pine, Lodgepole Pine and Corsican Pine.)
Glen Helen 1 9.4 http://www.gyrovision.com/panoid/81/100/1
(Section starts with two lefts, and then a right. Name comes from the daughter in a family that used to live here in the nineteenth century.)
Quarter Way Post 9.6
Glen Helen 2
Glen Helen Pub and Hotel
(On the right. There is a left hander after the pub. Parking, food, toilets and drinks. Access via the course only!)
Sarah's Cottage
9.8 (On the left. Right hander. The  lady who lived there was known as Sarah Corlett. In a rainy Senior TT 1965 both Mike Hailwood and Giacomo  Agostini slid off here on their MV fours. Mike managed to finish as a winner but Ago had to retire.)
Creg Willey's Hill 9.9 (Manx: Creg Willeys Syl, Rock of Willey Sylvester. Creg means rock.)
10th course mile mark. On the left.
Lambfell Moar
10.1(Double S-bends. Scandinavian: Lamb: lamm, fell: fjall. Lamb's Mountain.)
Cronk-y-Voddy Straight
Cronk-y-voddee. ”Hill of the dog.” Right hander at the top of Cronk-y-Voddy is called the Cronk-y-Voddy flag. This leads to a jump opposite a marshalling point at a house called Burnside. Next point is the stockade, long hedge with lots of spectators on... good place to watch by the way.)
Cronk-y-Voddy (Sartfell) Crossroads
10.6 (Scandinavian for Sartfell: Svartfjall, "Black mountain". Little London is sometimes mentioned here as well. On the right is The Old Church. At the field on the left directly after the crossroads is parking, toilets, food and drinks. You can reach this point from the crossroad at racing.)

11th course mile mark (flag). (On the left. Sweeping right hander.)
11th milestone
Left hander with the caravan / hut in the field.)
Drinkwater's Bend
11.5 http://www.gyrovision.com/panoid/91/100/1
(Sweeping left hander. Ben Drinkwater crashed here and was killed in the Junior TT June 13th 1949.)
Handley's 11.8 http://www.gyrovision.com/panoid/92/100/1
(Left-hard right hander. Walter Leslie Handley, 4 times TT winner in the 1920s and 30s. Dead in World War 1941 in a flight accident. Bend named after he came unstuck here 1932 when trying to catch the two works Nortons ahead of him in the Senior. Handley's Cottage is known as Ballameanagh: Middle Farm on the right.)
12th course mile mark sign is missing in April 2009. (Left hander 50 yards past Handleys.)
Shughlaige Farm
Shughlaige Bridge.
(Probably a locative form of Manx shelg (Irish sealg) "hunting, or the chase", and indicating the place where the huntsmen met. Followed of a right-left section leading to the jump at Ballaskyr Farm on the left.
Ballaskyr Bridge
12.2 (Sweeping left hander. Ballaskyr means "homestead of the craftsmen".)
Top of Barregarrow (Crossroads) 12.5 http://www.gyrovision.com/panoid/88/100/1
(Slight right hander. Manx: Bayr garroo, ”rough road”. Comes from Baaregaroo.)
13th course mile mark sign is missing in April 2009.
Barregarrow Hill (Left hander at chapel. Access from the crossroad at race. Limited parking. Good catering and toilets nearby.)
Bottom of Barregarrow
13.1 http://www.gyrovision.com/panoid/89/100/1
(Hard left hander. The on board computer measures 13.1 miles to this spot from the start.)
Cammall Farm (
On the right. Scandinavian: Kambafjall, ridge fell or hill.)
13th milestone (First right then a long left hander.)
Cronk Urleigh
13.5 (The double right hander first in the section downhill past Cronk Urleigh farm.
Means probably "the hill or ridge of slaughter". Other sources says ”Eagle Hill”.)
Westwood Cottage 13.6 http://www.gyrovision.com/panoid/95/100/1
(Cottage on the right. The left hander that is the second bend in the section.
Spanish rider Santiago Herrero was killed in a crash here 1970. The lefthander is also known as Ballalonna Bridge.
Related to Ballalonna Farm that is on the right about 500 yards inside the course.)
Brake Leg (Just before the dip leading on to the straight for Douglas Road Corner.)
14th course mile mark
sign is missing in April 2009.
Kirk Michael 14.5 http://www.gyrovision.com/panoid/93/100/1
(Manx: Balley Keeill Vaayl. Kirk comes from Scandinavian kyrka: church. Access to the village only via the course.
Parking at some side roads.)

Douglas Road Corner 14.3 http://www.gyrovision.com/panoid/31/100/1
(Right hander, off camber. Called Kirk Michael Corner as well. At the old St. John’s circuit this was a hairpin left and then the coast road to Peel. Here is a plaque for 100 years of use of this part of the course in 2007. This corner was on the very first course 1907 as well. Access from A4 from Peel at race. Toilet on outside the course at Glen Wyllin Campsite.)
Mitre Hotel and Pub 14.4 (On the right. Food, drinks and toilet.)
Whitehouse Park on the right. (Parking, refreshments and toilets.)
Cooper's Close
(Name of road or alley on the left that probably isn´t connected to racing. Maybe there was a making of barrels in the early days. Another proposal, that doesn´t seem likely, is related to John Cooper who raced in the 60s and 70s.)
15th course mile mark sign is missing in April 2009.
The Old Vicarage Museum or Penny Bridge Stables
(Now museum for Classic Bike Collection. On the left.)
Orrisdale South 15.2 (On the left. Orrisdale in Manx Gaelic probably Eyrarstalir, ”gravelly, or sandy, bank farm.”)
Birkin's Bends 15.3 (Right hander. Archie Birkin crashed and was killed here 1927.)
Rhencullen 15.4 http://www.gyrovision.com/panoid/94/100/1
(Right-left hander. Rhencullin means ”holly ridge”.)
Cloudy Lane (A secluded spectating spot on entry to a very fast right hand swoop.
No charge, no facilities, no parking. Access on foot only, from the outside of the circuit, down the signed short public footpath leading off the old railway line footpath between Kirk Michael and Ballaugh.)

Lyndhurst Junction to the right.
Bishopscourt 15.7 (The residence of the Bishop. On the left.)
16th course mile mark sign is missing in April 2009.
Orrisdale North 16 (On the left.)
Dub Cottage
(On the left. Slight left-right-left.)
Alpine House
16.5 http://www.gyrovision.com/panoid/87/100/1
(On the left. Slight left-right hander.)
16.8 (Slight left-right. Same spot as Brough Jairg Bends. Means The See Through Bends.)
Picasso (Same spot as the last right at Ballacobb.
New name on the sweeping right hander before Ballaugh after the police painting of the road surface 2008.)
17th course mile mark sign is missing in April 2009.
(Tom Clucas was killed here in the 600cc MGP 2004 when leading the race.)
Ballaugh Bridge
17.2 http://www.gyrovision.com/panoid/25/100/1
(Slight left-right-left. Here is Raven, a pub on the right with food, drinks and toilet. Manx: Balley ny loghey, "homestead of the lake". As well Balla Lough: "Lake Farm Bridge". Opposite The Raven there is a commemoration of pre-war, BMW  rider Karl Gall who crashed here 1939. It is a small plaque on a gatepost. It is a famous jump over the bridge. To the right just after the bridge there is a connection to Brandywell via Druidale on a narrow road. It gives an opportunity to see the races from different spots the same practice or race day, for example Brandywell. From inside the course it is possible to get to Douglas at races. Narrow road to Brandywell Cottage, then B22 via Injebreck-Baldwin-Mont Rule-Strang to the TT-access Road close to Quarter Bridge. Access to outside the course. Parking on side roads. The One-Stop Shop at outside the course has refreshments and there are public toilets opposite the shop.)
Gwen's, Coan Bulgh
17.5 (On the right after a right hander. Gwen Crellin, "The Lady in White" used to live here. The nick name given by Giacomo Agostini. She was marshalling for about 40 years and died at age 89 in December 2006. There is a plaque, on the left side of the road opposite the house, for Gwen Crellin. On the same place is a plaque for Gary Dickinson who raced 125cc 1958-1971. He died 1993 and his friends put the plaque and his ashes here.)
Ballacrye Bend (Slight left. McCray or Cry's farm.)
Ballacrye Jump 17.9 (If you like to stay in a hawthorn hedge for several hours you can get really great pictures of flying motor-bikes here!)
Ballavolley Bends (The kinks after Ballacrye.)
18th course mile mark. On the right.
Wildlife Park
(On the left. Right hander. Parking but you get stuck at race days. Food, drinks and toilets.)
Gob-y–Volley (Gob-y-Volley is opposite the Wildlife Park. A piece of land. It consists of 31 hectares with fertile lower slopes and a productive north facing woodland. The name Gob-y-Volley comes from the Gaelic for “point/bluff of the pass”. Very appropriate as it forms the western entrance to Sulby Glen. Some sources says it means something similar to ”the right and left sweep”.)
Quarry Bends 18.6 http://www.gyrovision.com/panoid/55/100/1
(Left-right-left. From outside the course you can get here by parking at Ballacrye Road and walk the old railway line.)
Gob-y-Volley (Right hander. End of Quarry Bends. On the hill on right above is IoM forestry board, now DAFF, Department of Agriculture, Fisheries and Forestry.)
Half Way Post 18.9
Sulby (One source says: The highest known speed at the course, so far, is measured with an on board computer. At practice 2006, Bruce Anstey reached over 206 m.p.h. at the Sulby Straight on a TAS Suzuki 1000 cc GSXR. Other sources say: The 206 m.p.h figure came from the data logging of Bruce's bike but the figure is not 100% accurate. Reason why should be that the data-logging equipment took a false reading over the bumps. The speed trap in the road at Sulby is about 99% accurate however, and the fastest rider through that to date is Ian Hutchinson at 196 m.p.h. in 2007. There is a bit more road left after the speed trap before the riders slow for Sulby Bridge so the 200 m.p.h. figure is probably not too far away.)
19th course mile mark sign is missing in April 2009.
Sulby Crossroads
19.3 http://www.gyrovision.com/panoid/58/100/1
(Sulby Glen. Here is a pub at Sulby Hotel on the left with food, drinks and toilet. The name of the village of Sulby or Sõlabyr "Soli's estate" reflects the Scandinavian influence in Isle of Man place-names. At the inside of the course is as well food and drinks available. Toilet in the Chapel and portaloo outside. Portaloo at the Sulby Claddaghs as well.)
Sulby Straight (Not a bend but often mentioned. Top speeds here are about 320 km/h or nearly 200 m.p.h. measured with on board computers. An ex-racer says that when you're travelling at nearly 200 m.p.h. along the straight, the slight right kink in the road just over halfway along is DEFINITELY A BEND!!)
Sulby Bridge 20.1 http://www.gyrovision.com/panoid/57/100/1
(Right hander. Access at race. Parking at outside the course. Some refreshments at race days. Portaloo in the old railway line about 100 yards from the bridge.)
20th course mile mark. On the right.
Ginger Hall Hotel 20.3 http://www.gyrovision.com/panoid/43/100/1
(Left hander. Here is a pub and hotel on the right with food, drinks and toilet.  Portaloo in Sulby Claddaghs. Parking.
Access at race.)

Kerrowmoar 1 20.6 (Left-right-hard left section. Ancient Kerroo Moore: Great Quarterland.)
Kerrowmoar 2
Kerrowmoar 3
(As well known as Abbeyville.)
(After Kerrowmoar as you get to Glen Duff, there's a road on the left by the old bridge. This road is called Bayr-ny-Hayrey (The Road of the Ayre.) The best pronunciation from a local is "Ben-a-Hairaa".)
21st course mile mark sign is missing in April 2009.
Glen Duff, Bernaharra Road 21.2 (Slight left-right. Manx: Glion doo, Irish: Gleann dubh) "black or dark glen". There's a road on the left by the old bridge. This road is called Bayr-ny-Hayrey (The Road of the Ayre.) The best pronunciation from a local is "Ben-a-Hairaa".
Access from outside at race. Some parking. No eating and no toilets.)

Department of Transport Yard (On the right. Commonly known as Glen Duff Depot. On the left here is Café Rosa.)
Glen Tramman 21.5 http://www.gyrovision.com/panoid/44/100/1
(The Water Through or Irish: Gleann na d-troman,"the glen of the elder or trammon trees". First two lefts then a right hander followed by a hard left. Glen Tramman House on the left. Access from outside at race. Some parking. No eating and no toilets.)
Churchtown 21.8 (Fast right hander. Church hall on the right. Lezayre is a parish that spans a quite large area and it starts here. It spans not only the TT course. Good viewing, probably between a quarter and a half of a mile of road in sight. Real toilets available opposite church entrance and in church hall. Refreshments in field. Small charge to get in, goes to TT related charity. You more or less get to see the areas between Lezayre Churce and Pinfold (Milntown) Cottage. Turn off circuit up loop road by War Memorial. There is the parking. Course bound once roads closed. Access from outside, take A13 and then Garey Road. Find narrow lane on the left. Park early and walk to the end of the lane. For Milntown, through the Lezayre Housing Estate and on to Greenlands Avenue on the outside of the course.)
22nd course mile mark sign is missing in April 2009.
Lezayre Church 22.2 (Left hander. Lezayre War Memorial and Church on the right and Ballakillingan Farm opposite the road. Manx for Ballakillingan: Balley keeill Ingan, farm of (St.) Fingan's church on the right.)
Conker Fields (Conkerfields extends between the war memorial at Churchtown through to the Caravan. The K is part of the Conkerfields section, as is the Caravan.)
The K
(Left kink. The K is painted on a tree on the left, probably to warn riders för a prominent kerbstone.)
The Caravan (The caravan was there for years and has now been replaced by a wooden shed. Missing in April 2009.)
The Bottom Of Sky Hill
Pinfold (Milntown) Cottage
22.8 (Cottage on the left. Right-left hander.)
Glen Auldyn Bridge 23 (Milntown Bridge. Milntown is "farm of the mill". Scandinavian for Auldyn or Aldyn : Alptardalr, "swan's glen".)
Ramsey (Manx: Rhumsaa.)
23rd (This is a virtual milestone measured with on board computer.)
Gardener's Lane Junction 23.2 (Milntown is an area on the inside of the course opposite Gardener's Lane. Lezayre Road starts here and ends in centre Ramsey.)
23rd course mile mark (On the left. Which means that the course mile mark is on a spot that isn't exactly 23 miles from the start.)
Scoolhouse/Crossag's Lane 23.4 (Left hander.)
Parliament Square 23.8 http://www.gyrovision.com/panoid/54/100/1
(Right hander. Here are The Swan on the right and The Central on the left, two pubs with food, drinks and toilets. Lowest point of the course. At sea level. Access only from outside at race. Plenty of parking in and around Ramsey.
Ideal for parking at Shoprite. Toilets at Shoprite. Pub and also Mooragh Park isn’t too far away if the kids wants sometime away from the action.)
(On both the left and right side of the road. At the left kink leading to Albert Road there is a piece of the kerb taken away now that makes the the course about 2-3 yards shorter!!!)
Albert Road
(Here is a footbridge over the course.)
Albert Terrace
Queen's Pier Road

Bus Station (On the right. Just before Cruickshank's down the road is called The Corry after the Coronation Park on the right.)
(This is a virtual milestone measured with on board computer.)
Cruickshank's 24 (Right hander. House on the left was called Cronk Brae earlier. Deemster Cruickshank lived there. It is now called May Hill House or Parretts House. There is a name plaque on the gateway to that effect. He owned the surrounding land and permitted the races to cross his land by opening the gated road. Deemster Cruickshank died sometime during world war one years. A Mr. Teare  who was a Ramsey MHK bought the property. When the races resumed after the war, Mr. Teare requested a payment from the organisers for the use of his land which was rejected. So for a couple of years there was a detour after Parliament Square, the course turned left into Albert Road and then right into Tower Road rejoining the present course, via Parsonage Road, at the foot of May Hill. Right on the point of the wall of Cronk Brae just before the bricked up gate way is the sign on wall MAY HILL, you wont see it as the bales cover it while racing is on.)
May Hill 24.1 http://www.gyrovision.com/panoid/52/100/1
(Slight right hander. May Hill extends over the brow of the hill and all the way along the straight. 80 yards up is The Phone Box on the right at the end of Glen Elfin Road where Gene McDonnell's bike ended up stuck in when he fell of at Cruickshank's 1986. Half way up May Hill is what is called Miss Carr's after the lady who lived there.)
White Gates 24.2 (Left hander. Named after two white gates that were at the end of Claughbane Road straight ahead. The gate posts are still there. The 24th Milestone was actually located on White Gates Corner, but has been conspicuous by it's absence in recent years.)
course mile mark (This is the course mile mark. 10 feet up in the air on the right by the entrance to Barrule Park, 20 yards after White Gates. That means that the course mile mark is on a spot that isn't exactly 24 miles from the start.)
Stella Maris
24.3 (Right hander. Private Villa on the left.)
Ramsey Hairpin 24.5 http://www.gyrovision.com/panoid/56/100/1
(Hard left hander. To get to inside Hairpin. If roads are open. Park in central Ramsey and walk uphill May Hill. Take to the left at Lheaney Road to the right at Crescent Road and right again at Crescent West till its end and you are there!
If the roads are closed. Take A2 from Douglas through Laxey. When you approach Ramsey there is a path called Claughbane Walk to the left just before the railroad crossing. That walk leads straight to Ramsey Hairpin. No refreshments or toilets. Very limited parking.)

Waterworks 1
24.8 (Right hander.)
Waterworks 2
24.9 (Right hander.)
Tower Bends
25 (Tar Bend or Bends? Tower Farm Bend or Bends?
Named after the Albert Tower (or Memorial) on the right which stands above them. Below the tower is a left hander followed of a slight left hander. Built to  commemorate the visit to Ramsey of Queen Victoria and Prince Albert, September the 20th 1847. Albert Tower is about half a mile along the track (on the inside of the course) from Tower Bends. It is not really on the course. Tower bends after the Albert Tower is a right-left.)
25th course mile mark sign is missing in April 2009.
Gooseneck 25.4 http://www.gyrovision.com/panoid/45/100/1
(Sharp right hander. Access possible using D28 Hibernian Back Road which turns off A2 running between Douglas and Ramsey.  Parking at Gooseneck field for a small fee. Refreshments and portaloo.)
Centenary Bends
(Proposal for two “nameless” fast left corners between Gooseneck and Joey's.
Another proposal for the same bends is Ian Lougher's.)
26th Joey's http://www.gyrovision.com/panoid/50/100/1
(26th course mile mark sign is missing in April 2009. Right hander. Joey Dunlop, 26 times TT winner between 1977-2000, 3 hat-tricks 85, 88 and 2000. Killed in race accident in Estonia 2nd July 2000. Joey's is placed here at the 26th because he had 26 victories at the TT.)
Guthrie's Memorial 26.7 http://www.gyrovision.com/panoid/48/100/1
(Left-right. Also named The Cutting. James Guthrie, 6 times TT winner in the 1930s. Killed in German GP, August 1937. The memorial on the right is built at the point where he retired in his last TT-race. There are three lefts leading into Guthrie's that can be taken as a long left, all in one radius.)
27th Mountain Mile (Starts with a right hand kink. Often mentioned.)
27th course mile mark sign is missing in April 2009.
28th mile mark sign is missing in April 2009. Slight right hand kink.)
Three Quarter Way Post
28.3 is missing in April 2009.
Mountain Box 28.7 http://www.gyrovision.com/panoid/53/100/1
(Four apex left hander. East Mountain Gate or Box or East Snaefell Gate. Probably it was named so because in the early years of the TT Course, when it was just a dirt road, there was a gate to keep in the sheep grazing on the mountain. The first rider through had to open the East Mountain Gate and the last one had to close it.)
29th course mile mark. (On the right. There is a slight left hander before.)
George's Folly
(Rice's Corner) 29.2 (Right hander. Alex George crashed here in Senior TT 1977.)
Mike Casey Shelter (200 yards after George's Folly on the left is a shelter erected in memory of Michael Casey, winner of the 1995 Senior MGP, who lost his life in Ballagarey Corner June 4th 1998.)
Black Hut or Stonebreaker's Hut 29.6 http://www.gyrovision.com/panoid/38/100/1
(Left hander. The shelter on the right is also named The John Smythe Shelter. He crashed and was killed in the Senior MGP 1989.)
Verandah 29.7 (At entrance.) 29.9 (At exit.) (Right handers. Four Bends. Can be taken with the radius as one bend.)
30th course mile mark
sign is missing in April 2009.
Bob McIntyre Memorial Box (3 TT wins and one MGP in the 1950s. 8 times GP winner. First man who made a 100 m.p.h. lap 1957. Dead after crash at Oulton Park 1962. It's said that Geoff Duke was the first man to make the ton in 1955 on a Gilera 500/4. The timekeepers changed their minds after a while and adjusted the speed of the lap to 99.97 m.p.h. Reason why is still unclear. The Bob McIntyre memorial shelter is no longer there but it used to be on the left of the course.)
Bungalow Bridge or Les Graham Memorial 30.4 (Slight right before the shelter on the right, then a left hander. Les Graham was killed in senior TT 1953 at Bray Hill. At Graham Memorial is also a memory sign, called Swallow's Sweep, for Richard Swallow 1952-1992. 5 times Junior Classic MGP winner.)
Bungalow Corner 30.9 http://www.gyrovision.com/panoid/41/100/1
(Left-right hander. On the approach to Bungalow there are three sweeping rights that can be taken as one.
100 yards up the hill on the right towards the ex-museum, there is a statue of Joey Dunlop sitting on a racingbike. Parking at the old Motorcycle Museum and there is a catering van. Access via the Electric Railway from Ramsey and via A14 from Sulby. There is a footbridge to pass the course as well.)
Snaefell Mountain Railway crossing
(Toilet in the station.)
Tholt-y-Will Junction
(To the right. Road leads to Sulby. Manx: Tolta vn woaillee, "hill of the cattle-fold".)
31st course mile mark. On the right.
Hailwood Rise
31.1 (Mike Hailwood, World Champion 9 times, 14 times TT winner 1961-1979. Killed in a car accident in March 1981 in Warwickshire, England.)
Hailwood Height 31.5 (There is a sign on the left.)
31.6 http://www.gyrovision.com/panoid/39/100/1
(Hard left hander. Manx: Chibbyr y phunch. Highest point of the course, 1385 feet above the sea level. Shelter is on the right. This is the other end of the narrow road through Druidale to Ballaugh Bridge and also back to Douglas through Injebreck. Parking at B10. Usually there is a catering van here. No toilet.)
32nd Duke's
32nd course mile mark sign is missing in April 2009. (Two left handers. Geoff Duke, 6 times world champion in the 1950s. 6 times TT winner.)
Windy Corner 32.4 http://www.gyrovision.com/panoid/59/100/1
(Right hander. The shelter is on the left. Named so because no matter what the weather is, there is always a wind blowing.)
33rd http://www.gyrovision.com/panoid/37/100/1
33rd course mile mark. (On the right. Slight right-left before and a slight right after the mile mark.)
33rd milestone
(Double apex left hander with a gentle right before. There is a small shelter on the right in the start of the section and a bigger shelter on the left at the second left hander.)
Keppel Gate 33.7 http://www.gyrovision.com/panoid/51/100/1
(Slight right and a hard left hander. Shelter on the right. Hero's Gate in times gone by. As well known as Clark's Corner. R O Clark dropped his 250 Levis on the last lap of the 1920 Junior TT, when running 1st lightweight and probably 4th overall. He picked it up and finished. Very most likely originally a gate outside Tait's Cottage and, in a similar fashion to the procedure at East Mountain Gate, the first rider had to open the gate and the last one had to shut it. If you go back a quarter of a mile from Kate's Cottage to what is now known as Keppel Gate, there's a stone, Marshal's shelter, and at the side of this is an old stone gatepost which is said to have originated at the site of the old Keppel Gate. No access when race is on. Parking. No refreshments or toilets.)
Kate's Cottage 33.9 (Hard left hander with a slight left before. Tait's Cottage. Named after the Tait family, Rhodes and his wife Gladys, a family of Manx sheep farmers who had lived in that cottage for generations. It was slip of the tongue by Graham Walker (Murray's Dad) during a pre-war BBC commentary. He called it Kate's Cottage. The name has stuck ever since but some sources say that there has been a Kate as well for a period. Park at the Creg. Walk to the Creg for food and drinks. No toilets at Kate's Cottage. No access with vehicle at race.)
34th course mile mark. On the right.
Creg-ny-Baa 34.5 http://www.gyrovision.com/panoid/42/100/1
(Right hander. Keppel Hotel, a pub with food, drinks and toilet on the left. Creg-ny-Baa means ”rock of the cow". There is a back road B12 to the Creg. Plenty of parking.)
35th course mile mark sign is missing in April 2009.
Gob-ny-Geay Farm 35 (On the right. "The point of the mouth or beak of the wind". Also called Sunny Orchard.
There's a little track at the side of the farm. It's a boundary line of the sectors used by Marshals and is called Lanjaghan Lane.)
Brandish Corner or O'Donnell's Corner 35.4 http://www.gyrovision.com/panoid/79/100/1
(Fast left hander. Shelter on the right. Named after Walter Brandish who broke a leg here in 1923 which ended his racing career. O’Donnell refers to some owner of land here before 1914. Someone said once that if you ride from Hillberry to Brandish Corner (in the direction followed by the Clypse Course) you are travelling along Telegraph Hill.)
Hillberry 36 http://www.gyrovision.com/panoid/49/100/1
(Fast right hander. There is a grandstand on the left close to the track. Manx: Cronk y Berry. Berry is a legendary Manx witch. Toilets, parking and refreshments. Access via Onchan straight on through the traffic lights at the Manx Arms. Take the third left onto School Road, which leads to Little Mill Road. That leads to Hillberry!)
36th course mile mark.
On the left.
Glen Dhoo Campsite
36.1 (On the right.)
Johnny Watterson's Lane Junction (The shelter is on the right.)
36.4 (Three apex slight left. Means "hill of the turbary or turf". All ears are tuned into the commentary for the magic words "the light is on now - he's through". Moved from Signpost to save time because of the high speeds nowadays.)
Signpost Corner 36.6 (Right hander. Plenty refreshments. Toilet on discretion of the owner. Parking. Access from outside via Onchan.)
Bedstead Corner 36.8 (Left hander. The farmer used and old head board from a bed for a gate into the field. The gate (presumably due to neglect or damage) had been substituted by various bits of defunct furniture and junk, most prominently an old cast iron bedstead - hence the name. Here starts Hailwood Avenue.)
37th course mile mark.
On the right.
The Nook
37 (Right hander. The name comes from the house opposite. It is the home of the Governor on the left. Here is a new piece of road built. It continues straight to the Onchan roundabout. The course turns a little right and that leads to the hairpin at Governor's Bridge.)
Governor's Bridge
37.2 http://www.gyrovision.com/panoid/46/100/1
(Sharp right hander followed of a left-right on to Glencrutchery Road. The left is called Governor's Dip. Parking on the main road to Onchan. No refreshments or toilet.)
Victoria Road Junction
Glencrutchery Road
37.3 (Plenty of food and drinks behind the Grandstand. Toilet there as well.)
Start And Finish Line
(The current official length of The TT Course is 37,73 miles
with approximately 221 bends.)

Current outright lap record John McGuinness at Pokerstars Senior TT, June the 12th 2009.
Time: 17.12.30. Average speed: 131.578 m.p.h. or 211.75 km/h on a 1000cc HM Plant Honda.

Proposal of names for the two commentary points at Glen Helen and Ramsey Hairpin:
Geoff Cannell's
Peter Kneale's

Updated December 15th 2012.

The ground map is from the official program for MGP 2004.
A schematic map with the names of the list.
Some are not at the map because of lack of space.
These are:
Railway Inn between 2nd and 3rd milestone
Strang Road between 2nd and 3rd
Union Mills Garage between 2nd and 3rd
Union Mills Church between 2nd and 3rd
Glen Darragh Road between 4th and 5th
Crosby Church Hall between 4th and 5th
Glen Helen Pub and Hotel between 9th and 10th
Ballalonna Bridge between 13th and 14th
Ballakillingan Farm between 22nd and 23rd
The Caravan between 22nd and 23rd
Albert Road between 23rd and 24th
Albert Terrace between 23rd and 24th
Queens Pier Road between 23rd and 24th
Bus Station between 23rd and 24th
Centenary Bends (still only a proposal) between 25th and 26th
Snaefell Mountain Railway crossing between 30th and 31st
Glen Dhoo Campsite between 36th and 37th
Governor's Dip between 37th and Start and Finish Line
Victoria Road Junction between 37th and Start and Finish Line

Map updated April 11th 2011.

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Re: MY FINAL VERSION OF THE TT Course knowledge
Thanks Silja for what is an impressive piece of work but I'm not so sure that it's your final contribution.

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Yes [Y] Re: MY FINAL VERSION OF THE TT Course knowledge
What a fantastic piece of work! I enjoyed reading the info' that goes with the place names....Should be published in the official magazine...
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Yes [Y] Re: MY FINAL VERSION OF THE TT Course knowledge
Absolutely brilliant piece of work
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Yes [Y] Re: MY FINAL VERSION OF THE TT Course knowledge
Well done Silja. Absolutely brilliant !
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Re: MY FINAL VERSION OF THE TT Course knowledge
During a chat with Silja at last years MGP, I floated the idea of collating the course info from this thread and building it into an iPhone app.

It's taken some time to get around to finishing it, but the first version is now ready for use.

If you point your iPhone browser to http://www.itt.jalium.com you should see it. You will need to add it to your home screen, so once the front page has load tap the middle icon in the toolbar at the bottom. If you don't do this, it won't open full screen and you will won't see the navigation buttons.

So - iPhone users, give it a try.....

Note - it's iPhone only. Not Android, or anything else.

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Re: MY FINAL VERSION OF THE TT Course knowledge
Android version please please please !!!! What a great idea...

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Re: MY FINAL VERSION OF THE TT Course knowledge
 jennycook wrote:
Android version please please please !!!! What a great idea...

Siljas great TT map for your Android phone. Should also work with most other "smart phones".

Not to be outdone by the iPhone mob I've sorted us Android users out Wink <img src=">

Just click the files to download, then save them and stick em' on your phones memory card. This means you WONT need to use your phone to access them from the Internet while on the IOM, saving you from paying silly data costs on your phone bill!

The map is here ........ https://dl-web.dropbox.com/get/Public/SiljaTTmap.jpg?w=15dc1bdd

The text is here ......... https://dl-web.dropbox.com/get/Public/SiljaTTmap.txt?w=91c092ea

Once on your memory card you can find and open them from your file explorer/gallery app/browser.


p.s. If you have a problem with us doing this Silja let me know and I'll remove them.

p.p.s edited for new file locations Feb 2012

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Re: MY FINAL VERSION OF THE TT Course knowledge
 Stroller wrote:
During a chat with Silja at last years MGP, I floated the idea of collating the course info from this thread and building it into an iPhone app.

It's taken some time to get around to finishing it, but the first version is now ready for use.

If you point your iPhone browser to http://www.itt.jalium.com you should see it. You will need to add it to your home screen, so once the front page has load tap the middle icon in the toolbar at the bottom. If you don't do this, it won't open full screen and you will won't see the navigation buttons.

So - iPhone users, give it a try.....

Note - it's iPhone only. Not Android, or anything else.

Just got hold of an Android phone and it seems to work OK on that platform

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Re: MY FINAL VERSION OF THE TT Course knowledge
Hi guys,

It makes me happy that there is a technical progress with the list. As Stroller wrote earlier we talked about this at MGP 2010 and there is no problem with me that the list is available in smart phones. Though...I don't have any of these myself, yet!

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Re: MY FINAL VERSION OF THE TT Course knowledge
Nice work SILJA - an epic work!

I thought the following might add a bit of information, I was shown a newspaper from 1982 and there was a nice article about the Tates of Kates Cottage:

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