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Top reasons to visit during TT Practice Week

Friday 13 December 2019

TT 2020 will be here before you know it and to help you along the way we have put together a handy list with our top reasons why you should visit during TT Practice Week.

More On Track Action

With qualifying sessions taking place each evening from Saturday 30 May until Friday 5 June (excluding Sunday 31 June) you will potentially see more on track action than if you visit during TT race week. Each evening hosts at least qualifying sessions for two classes meaning that one minute you could be enjoying the light weights shortly swiftly followed by the super bikes.

Less Crowded

You will be able to get to your favourite vantage points more easily, with qualifying sessions taking place each evening you have all day to make your way over to your prime location. With fewer people around you are more likely to be able to claim your favourite spot on the hedge.

Explore the Island during the day time

With your days free you will have a vast amount of opportunities to explore the beautiful Isle. Whether you are interested in heritage and culture or prefer getting active we have something to suit all interests. The Isle of Man is an outdoors lovers paradise and with burial sites and monuments aplenty you can combine your love of the outdoors with a dose of the Island’s rich and checkered history.

Don’t forget if you are a member of English Heritage, CADW, National Trust or Historic Scotland you are entitled to free admission to all Manx National Heritage sites. Yet another reason to get out and explore all that the Isle of Man has to offer.

More Choice

Demand is not as high in practice week meaning that you will have more choice when it comes to where you stay and when you wish to travel to the Island. Motorbike space on the ferry is aplenty during practice week so you can even bring your bike along for the ride. You may also find that it is a little bit cheaper in practice week making it a more wallet friendly option.

Easier to get around

With the rounds along the TT course being open each day and with fewer bikes around you may find it easier to travel around. The mountain road is also one way during practice week so you will have the full TT experience but with quieter roads making it that little bit safer.

We have a selection of packages on sale for practice week starting from as little as £365 with your bike.

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