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Competitor Profile: Barrie Dickinson

TT Career Summary
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Survived the racing years and enjoyed racing in the TT far more than short circuit racing. Packed it all in after a couple of outings on a desmo Ducati in the Classic in 1981 + 1983. Moved from Manchester to spend 20 years in Cornwall where my 3 sons grew up to be surfers with no inclination to go fast on 2 wheels - Thank goodness!  Now happily divorced and been living for the last six and half years in Southern Spain, where I make a living in a variety of ways from writing to driving a JCB. Still like to try new and exciting pursuits including flying fixed wing aircraft, windsurfing, scuba diving, surfing and most recently snowboarding. can't just sit still can you? I live in a quiet little village in the foothills of the Sierra Nevadas - in Las Alpujarras in fact, and I would love to hear from old friends and riders of my day on: [email protected]

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