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Mountain Course

Mountain Course 1990 - Present
The climb from the Bungalow to Brandywell is named Hailwood Rise, and the highest point on the course, just before Brandywell, named Hailwood Heights, both in recognition of the legendary Mike Hailwood.
2002 sees the 26th Milestone renamed ‘Joey’s’ in memory of 26 times TT winner Joey Dunlop OBE, MBE, killed while racing Estonia in 2000.
The following year, 2003, sees the 32nd Milestone Bends renamed ‘Duke’s’ in honour of six times TT winner and six times World Champion, Geoff Duke, OBE.
In early 2006, in time for the TT, Windy Corner was eased, and later that year Brandish Corner was realigned, again easing the corner.