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TT 1936 Lightweight TT Results

10A R [Bob] FosterNew Imperial3.33.22.0  74.28 
20H G Tyrell SmithExcelsior3:38.34.0  72.51 
30A GeissDKW3:38.37.0  72.49 
40D S FairweatherCotton3:45.53.0  70.16 
50Charlie H MandersExcelsior3:47.48.0  69.57 
60E W CorfieldExcelsior3:49.47.0  68.97 
70Harold HartleyRudge3:54.29.0  67.59 
80Sven A SorensenExcelsior3:56.04.0  67.13 
90H C LamacraftExcelsior3:57.21.0  66.77 
100J C GalwayExcelsior3:58.04.0  66.57 
110A C KellasNew Imperial4:00.48.0  65.81 
120M SimoTerrot4:05.32.0  64.55 
130G S LowtherOK-Supreme4:07.52.0  63.94 
DNF0L J ArcherNew Imperial 
DNF0C B BickellBickell-JAP 
DNF0N CroftExcelsior 
DNF0C A W DurnoNew Imperial 
DNF0S H GoddardOK-Supreme 
DNF0C W [Paddy] JohnstonCotton 
DNF0K B LeachExcelsior 
DNF0Les G MartinCotton 
DNF0E A [Ted] MellorsCotton 
DNF0C V MooreNew Imperial 
DNF0H E NewmanRudge 
DNF0T PeenyDunelt 
DNF0S V SmithOK-Supreme 
DNF0Otto SteinbachDKW 
DNF0Chris TattersallCTS 
DNF0J WilliamsNew Imperial 
DNF0S WoodNew Imperial 
DNF0Stanley WoodsDKW