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TT 1922

With the first 60mph lap not far away there was general concern about the speed and safety of the machines that lined up for the 1922 races.

Plans to restrict the Juniors to 250cc and the Seniors to 350cc were scrapped, but the ACU did introduce a separate five-lap race for the Lightweights.

Meanwhile, the cost of organising the races had caused a rift between the ACU and the Manx government. The ACU threatened to stage the event in Yorkshire and were also considering an invitation from Belgium; the Manx authorities countered by saying they would run the races through their own affiliated organisation.

Both sides saw sense and there was a good entry, in terms of both quality and quantity, for the three races. Journalist Geoff Davison won the first-ever Lightweight race on a two-stroke, Levis, while a certain Walter Handley set the fastest lap at 51.00 mph before breaking down.

Another rider to figure in later TT results, Stanley Woods, made his debut in the Junior on a Cotton and finished fifth, despite setting fire to himself and his machine at his fuel stop. The race was won by Manxman Tom Sheard, riding an AJS. It was the first 'home' victory at the TT, and did much to restore 'diplomatic relations' between the warring parties.

Joining Woods and Handley, as a 'fairly promising newcomer' was Jimmy Simpson, who raced a Scott in the Senior. Alec Bennett won the six-lap event on a Sunbeam, becoming the first rider to lead a TT from start to finish.