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TT 1923

Despite the objections of the manufacturers, a sidecar class was introduced in 1923 and proved an instant hit with enthusiasts.

Sidecars were a popular mode of transport and the factories felt that racing them around the Mountain Circuit was not the ideal way to promote their products, but 14 outfits lined up for the start of the three-lap race. The manufacturers' worries proved to be unfounded, with the favourites, solo star Freddie Dixon and his passenger Walter Perry, comfortably winning an accident-free race with their special 'banking' outfit at an incredible average of 53.15 mph.

The previous year the course had changed slightly in Ramsey, with the road connecting Parliament Square to May Hill being used instead of the town's streets. In 1923 the track was widened at Sulby Bridge, while the corner above Hillberry was named after Walter Brandish, who crashed and broke his leg there.

The Senior was held in miserable conditions and local knowledge helped Tom Sheard win his second TT, riding a redesigned Douglas.

The Junior provided Ulsterman Stanley Woods with his first TT victory on a Cotton Jimmy Simpson had switched to AJS and set a new class lap record of 59.59 mph before retiring.

In the six-lap Lightweight race Wal Handley set a cracking pace on his OK-Supreme, but, after setting a new lap record, his machine let him down for the second year in succession. Scotsman Jock Porter took over on his New Gerrard and crossed the line in front of Bert le Vack’s New Imperial.