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Meetings 1907 - 1930

TT 1925

1925 and the wheel of fortune turned full circle for Wal Handley and his hard-working Rex-Acme team.

After so many disappointments he became the first rider to win two races in one week: the Junior and the Ultra-Lightweight. He came very close to making it three but, in a familiar tale, he broke down while leading the Lightweight.

That long-awaited first win came in the Junior, which he totally dominated. He set lap and race records in overcoming Howard Davies and AJS-mounted Jimmy Simpson.

Handley had an even easier time in the Ultra-Lightweight race, for which there were only seven entries, once again setting both lap and race records on his way to victory. Handley also set the first-ever 60mph Lightweight lap.

The Senior was a triumph not only for the riding, but also for the exceptional mechanical ability of Howard Davies. Having learned a great deal while racing for the AJS and Sunbeam teams, he decided to go it alone and build his own machine. He did just that and wheeled, out his JAP-engined HRD bikes for both the Senior and the Junior. He finished second in the Junior, but in the six-lap Senior proved his versatility by beating all the works teams at record average speed.

Eighteen outfits contested the four-lap sidecar event, which was won by Len Parker on his Douglas-powered outfit, although Dixon established a new lap record of 57.18 mph.