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Countdown to Classic TT 2021

Race Results: 998 Vincent HRD

TT48 Clubmans Senior

DNF0P Cousins998 Vincent HRD 
10J D Daniells998 Vincent HRD1.52.29.6  80.51 
20F Phil Heath998 Vincent HRD1:53.49.0  79.58 
50E J Davis998 Vincent HRD2:01.04.6  74.81 
60George Brown998 Vincent HRD2:03.18.6  73.48 
80C A Horne998 Vincent HRD2:04.24.8  72.79 
90F Fairbairn998 Vincent HRD2:05.22.0  72.25 
110J E Carr998 Vincent HRD2:06.52.4  71.4 
130R J Vernon998 Vincent HRD2:08.18.6  70.59 
190W F Beckett998 Vincent HRD2:10.56.0  69.18 
260A Crocker998 Vincent HRD2:25.11.4  62.38