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Race Results: 2006 Yamaha R6 600cc

MGP08 Newcomers A
75Declan Duffy2006 Yamaha R6 600cc.:.:40.12  97.016 
1523John Coleman2006 Yamaha R6 600cc.:.:54.94  88.924 
1621Paul Welch2006 Yamaha R6 600cc.:.:01.45  88.734 
2127Shelley Pike2006 Yamaha R6 600cc.:.:50.84  78.268 

MGP08 Junior Manx Grand Prix
115Daniel Kneen2006 Yamaha R6 600cc0:58:42.33  115.686 
59Russell Mountford2006 Yamaha R6 600cc1:0:32.31  112.183 
1652Dennis BOOTH2006 Yamaha R6 600cc1:2:02.40  109.468 
1844David Lumsden2006 Yamaha R6 600cc1:2:42.88  108.29 
3573Declan Duffy2006 Yamaha R6 600cc1:4:04.80  105.983 
3936Brian Spooner2006 Yamaha R6 600cc1:4:14.79  105.708 
6163Leon Donaghy2006 Yamaha R6 600cc1:6:05.43  102.759 
6488Garth WOODS2006 Yamaha R6 600cc1:6:23.18  102.301 
73101John Coleman2006 Yamaha R6 600cc1:8:31.60  99.106 
81114Paul Welch2006 Yamaha R6 600cc1:11:59.35  94.339 

MGP08 Senior Manx Grand Prix
1558David Lumsden2006 Yamaha R6 600cc0:39:50.85  113.623 
3855Leon Donaghy2006 Yamaha R6 600cc0:42:02.41  107.697 
5283John Coleman2006 Yamaha R6 600cc0:43:49.83  103.298 

MGP07 Junior Manx Grand Prix
1718Andrew Brady2006 Yamaha R6 600cc1:20:59.92  111.794 
2749Dave SAXBY2006 Yamaha R6 600cc1:22:03.10  110.36 
3673Dennis BOOTH2006 Yamaha R6 600cc1:22:46.45  109.396 
5074Darren Neal2006 Yamaha R6 600cc1:23:47.83  108.061 
5457Russell BROWN2006 Yamaha R6 600cc1:24:00.14  107.797