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Countdown to Classic TT 2021

MGP 1948 Lightweight Results

10Dickie DaleMoto Guzzi3.05.10.4  73.36 
20E A BarrettMoto Guzzi3.14.42.8  69.77 
30P D GillExcelsior3.20.13.4  67.86 
40W ClarkeExcelsior3.27.17.6  65.53 
50R W MarshExcelsior3.34.42.8  63.27 
60P H WestonRudge3.35.02.4  63.17 
70Bill LomasRoyal Enfield3.40.40.4  61.56 
80C F RacleExcelsior3.41.17.2  61.39 
90C HoldenExcelsior3.42.17.0  61.11 
100T CleggCTS3.49.15.0  59.28 
110D WhelanRudge3.49.44.0  59.14 
120A G HenthornVelocette4.06.37.0  55.08 
DNF0F O ColemanExcelsior 
DNF0Frank CopeAJS 
DNF0D G CrightonNew Imperial 
DNF0H J DowningVelocette 
DNF0J R DulsonVelocette 
DNF0R J EdwardsCTS 
DNF0F FletcherExcelsior 
DNF0R E GeesonREG 
DNF0W J JennessExcelsior 
DNF0A W JonesRudge 
DNF0W F LeyshonRudge 
DNF0A Len ParryNew Imperial 
DNF0H A PearceExcelsior 
DNF0R J PennyExcelsior 
DNF0H R PentonEndura 
DNF0J R ScottRudge 
DNF0J J I SparrowExcelsior 
DNF0J SpillaneNew Imperial 
DNF0A J TargettRudge 
DNF0R J WilkersonRudge