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TT 1947 Lightweight Results

10Manliffe BarringtonMoto Guzzi3.36.26.6  73.22 
20Maurice CannMoto Guzzi3:37.10.8  72.972 
30Ben DrinkwaterExcelsior3:45.57.0  70.139 
40L J ArcherNew Imperial3:47.02.0  69.805 
50W H S PikeRudge3:51.09.6  68.559 
60G L PatersonNew Imperial3:51.24.0  68.488 
70Sven A SorensenExcelsior3:53.50.0  67.775 
80C W [Paddy] JohnstonCTS3:54.01.6  67.72 
90Les G MartinExcelsior3:54.22.0  67.621 
100Jack BrettExcelsior3:55.39.6  67.249 
110Bill WebsterExcelsior4:29.37.0  58.78 
DNF0Charlie BrettExcelsior 
DNF0W H CraineExcelsior 
DNF0Harold HartleyRudge 
DNF0A G HorneRudge 
DNF0H KirbyExcelsior 
DNF0J McCredieExcelsior 
DNF0S M MillerCTS 
DNF0Roland H PikeRudge 
DNF0Chris TattersallCTS