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TT - The Top 20 Greatest Riders Ever!

Vote for the greatest TT racer of all time

Here's your chance to vote for the greatest TT rider of all time. Whether that's the most skillful, the most exciting, the most influential or just the most fun is entirely up to you. Vote for one rider from the list or nominate your own - Results will be announced on a special programme on ITV4 from 9.00pm, Monday, 28th May 2018.

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Users can take part by accessing Users will find the question and a list of options. Users can register their vote by electronically clicking on the box beside the answer they wish to vote for and submitting a valid email address.

Voting will cease at 01:00am Sunday, 1st April 2018. No votes registered after this time will count.

This is not a competition and no prizes, promotions, rewards or other incentives will be offered to anyone taking part.

There is no limit to the number of times individual users can vote, however, only one vote is allowed per entry.

If for any reason the voting system fails to perform correctly or fails to register votes a contingency plan will be enacted or will temporarily suspend voting. reserves the right to end the vote at any time at its absolute discretion. cannot be held responsible for any failures, technical or otherwise, which may result in a vote being lost or not registered., Isle of Man Government Department For Enterprise, Greenlight Television or other connected staff members are not eligible to vote and any votes so registered will be discounted.

If suspects any attempt has been made to rig the vote, or attempt to register fraudulent votes, and Greenlight Television have the absolute right to select the results using an alternative system at its discretion.

Your data will be stored for a period of not more than 90 days from the conclusion of the vote for validation purposes only, unless you have indicated otherwise by signing up to’s newsletter or otherwise.

These terms and conditions are governed by the laws of the Isle of Man.