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Competitor Profile: Malcolm Uphill

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Malcolm was born in Trecenydd, and later moved to Heol Trecastle, Caerphilly. He was educated at the local Twyn, Secondary Modern School.

He served an apprenticeship at the Caerphilly Loco Sheds (British Rail) as a Fitter, Turner and Erector. Due to his hearing problems, he failed his medical for National Service in 1956 and decided to stay on as a Fitter with the company for many years after.

His main interest at this time, was swimming, model Aircraft design and manufacture and most of all, motorcycling. His first Motorcycle was a Hand Change Arial (Which he attempted to Break the Sound Barrier on). He entered the Taff Swim each year at Roath Park Lake and never failed to finish.

When he commenced his Motor racing career, he financed and prepared his own Norton Motorcycle in the little shed at the rear of his home. Right from the start, it was obvious that he was someone special and had the potential to go right to the top of the sport. All he needed was support.

His second love was flying his Glider, a number of times he was forced to land near Motorways, he never knew when to come down.

Unfortunately, Malcolm died in 1999 due to Asbestosis, I believe it was a legacy from his days as a Fitter working on the Boiler Mounting gang at Caerphilly Sheds.

We served our apprenticeships together and were Pals for most of his life.

David Davies.

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