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Competitor Profile: Joe O Sullivan

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I am from Limerick originally. I moved to California in 1984 and started club racing there when I was 24 (1987).

Did a lot of club stuff, then AMA nationals, Then joined team lightning and did a lot of endurance racing all over the states with W.E.R.A.

Came over to race first TT in 1993 with the lads from S.F.( Tommy Montano Craig McClean Wade Boyd etc.)

Kept coming till 98 when I met the woman of my dreams while racing the Dundrod 150 Gave up racing around 2000 (for now anyway).

If herself lets me I would love to come over and do the TT again.

Seeing the database brings back some really happy memories.

Thanks to Joe for the photo, taken during the Lightweight TT of 1995, and the information.

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