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Where to watch

The Isle of Man TT is one of the greatest spectacles on Earth and, with over 37 miles of course there's an almost bewildering choice of vantage points to watch from. Here's our handy guide to some of the best options:

Grandstand header

For the ultimate Isle of Man TT experience you must watch at least one session from TT Grandstand in Douglas. This iconic building offers unrivalled views of the start/finish line and the 170mph-plus stretch as the racers complete one circuit and blast towards Bray Hill and another lap of the course.

You also have clear views of the pit lane, where races have been won and lost, and the podium where the top three from each race will receive their trophies, laurels and champagne.

The TT Grandstand is adjacent to the paddock, where you can watch the teams at work and meet some of the competitors. The Grandstand is also home to the scrutineering area, where you can watch the machines being inspected, press centre, where the top riders are grilled after each race, and much more.

Behind the TT Grandstand you will find a wide range of refreshments on offer, toilets and shops selling TT and other motorcycle-related merchandise, including clothing, pictures, DVDs and more.

There’s also ample parking within easy walking distance of the TT Grandstand.

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Some residents, charities and local organisations will lay on special spectator areas and grandstands – for instance the hugely popular Braddan Bridge area – with great views and facilities such as toilets and refreshments. You may be asked for a small entrance fee or donation.

There are many popular areas all around the course with no Grandstands or facilities where fans watch the action every year - however, please note access to some areas is prohibited or restricted.

Restricted Areas

The famous TT Mountain Course is made up of almost 40 miles of public roads that are closed for qualifying and race sessions.

There are certain areas around the course where access is restricted whilst the TT Mountain Circuit is closed for racing other than the roads, pavements and verges. These areas are clearly marked with signage and tape and are known as:

Prohibited Areas:

A prohibited area is exactly what it says; this is an area in which no person or vehicle is permitted, this also includes race officials and marshals. 

These areas are hazardous and dangerous to be in and this prohibition must be complied with.
Any person who is found in a prohibited area will have committed an Offence and may be liable to a fine or a period in jail;

Restricted Areas:

A restricted area is deemed to be less hazardous than a prohibited area; spectators still must not enter these areas at any time whilst the roads are closed for racing. 

Race officials, marshals and police officers may enter these areas as may film crews and photographers if they are permitted to do so by the Clerk of the Course and have the correct accreditation and passes.
Any person without permission who is found in a restricted area will have committed an Offence and may be liable to a fine or a period in jail;

Hazardous Areas:

Hazardous areas are places or areas that if used by spectators or race officials are likely to be hazardous to their safety, but the owner or occupier of the land object to these being deemed prohibited or restricted.
Whilst it is not an offence to be in these areas, entering a hazardous area puts the safety of yourself and others at risk and you should not enter these areas.

Download the Prohibited, Restricted and Hazardous areas list

Prohibited, Restricted and Hazardous areas.

Restricted Areas