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Competitor Profile: Jim Evans

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Born 1946 Started racing in club events in '69 on the Montesa I rode in the 1971 TT (entered by the British Formula Racing Club). The engine blew on the last lap of practice, but we got it going and it finished the race albeit with no clutch cable and cracks in the crankcase.

The TT was its last race – it was pretty well destroyed although it later turned up racing in Jamaica of all places! In 1972 I had a new Yamaha DS-7, entered by Barrett's of Redhill, and it ran like clockwork. All we did was put gas in it. In '73, though, it cracked the heads in practice and never ran right. I tried to make up for it by riding like an idiot but when I found out later that John 'Min' Clarke was tragically killed in the race I decided it was a warning and hung up my leathers - at least until a couple of years ago when I dabbled in vintage racing in Canada, where I now live, for a couple of seasons.

Currently living on Prince Edward Island, Canada - and sailing for a hobby!

Some day, though, I'm coming back to visit the Island, the land of so many dreams...

Photos: Number 73 is the Montesa on the mountain in '71, number 94 the Yamaha I rode in the island although the photo is of a post-TT meet at Snetterton, dicing with Alan Howlett (Ducati). He beat me...

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