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Competitor Profile: Gareth Jones

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After winning the 350cc and 1000cc Southern 67 championships in the UK and racing in the Manx in 1975, I emigrated to Canada to work for Ernie White Motorcycles in Toronto who was the sponsor of Canadian Champion, now Dunlop’s race manager, Jim Allen, which helped keep my interest in motorcycle racing alive until this day.

After a long racing career in Canada and the USA competing at all levels of the sport including two Formula 750 GPs and ending in a 160mph crash in Brainerd’s famous corner one in 1997, I am now the Chief new racer instructor for the Central Road Racing Association in Minnesota and TrackAddix Chief instructor of new racers across the Midwest of the USA.

Racing a GSXR1000 in the Formula 40 series and at the back of the Unlimited Supersport Series in the CRA I am still hoping to win one more before I’m sixty.

Teaching new racers and track day’s newcomers has been a most rewarding finale to a long career and a good way to give back to a sport that has taken my family and me all over the world.

From Canada, I salute this years riders of the Manx Grand Prix and look forward to seeing some of you in Canada at the new Island replica circuit in New Brunswick in the near future.

Regards to all,

Gareth Jones

May 2006

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