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Countdown to Classic TT 2021

TT 1933 Lightweight TT Results

10Sid G GleaveExcelsior3.41.23.0  71.59 
20Charlie J P DodsonNew Imperial3:43.43.0  70.85 
30Charlie H MandersRudge3:49.08.0  69.17 
40Leo H DavenportNew Imperial3:49.40.0  69.01 
50Syd A CrabtreeExcelsior3:51.33.0  68.45 
60M GhersiMoto Guzzi3:52.46.0  68.09 
70E A [Ted] MellorsNew Imperial3:53.47.0  67.8 
80Les G MartinRudge3:53.49.0  66.82 
90C B TaylorOK-Supreme3:58.45.0  66.41 
100D S FairweatherCotton3:58.49.0  66.39 
110H G Tyrell SmithOK-Supreme4:01.39.0  65.62 
120D HallOK-Supreme4:02.17.0  65.45 
130L P HillRudge4:07.10.0  64.12 
140W KitchenRudge4:15.25.0  61.94 
150Tommy SpannNew Imperial4:26.35.0  59.45 
DNF0T BandiniMoto Guzzi 
DNF0C S BarrowExcelsior 
DNF0J G DuncanCotton 
DNF0G L EmerySunbeam 
DNF0Wal L HandleyExcelsior 
DNF0E HughesSunbeam 
DNF0C W [Paddy] JohnstonCotton 
DNF0Frank A LongmanExcelsior 
DNF0E R [Ted] MerrillSunbeam 
DNF0A MoxoRudge 
DNF0A E SimcockOEC 
DNF0Chris TattersallCTS 
DNF0C J WeatherbyNew Imperial