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Countdown to TT 2019

TT 1928 Lightweight TT Results

10Frank A LongmanOK-Supreme4.11.59.0  62.9 
20C S BarrowRoyal Enfield4.29.01.0  58.92 
30Edwin TwemlowDOT4.29.26.0  58.83 
40G HimingOK-Supreme4.31.30.0  58.4 
50C T AshbyOk Supreme4.33.31.0  57.9 
60Vic C AnsticeOk Supreme4.34.31.0  57.7 
70S H JonesNew Imperial4.37.38.0  57.1 
80Jack A PorterNew Gerrard4.39.15.0  56.8 
90Sid G GleaveNew Imperial4.41.17.0  56.4 
100J G BurneyRoyal Enfield4.45.12.0  55.6 
110C LordRoyal Enfield5.05.20.0  51.9 
DNF0A AustinP & P 
DNF0Alec BennettOK-Supreme 
DNF0G L BoudinCotton 
DNF0Syd A CrabtreeExcelsior 
DNF0A GreenwoodDOT 
DNF0F L HallNew Imperial 
DNF0L W HallCotton 
DNF0Wal L HandleyRex-Acme 
DNF0C W [Paddy] JohnstonCotton 
DNF0E MagnerRoyal Enfield 
DNF0W Harry T MeageenRex-Acme 
DNF0G L ReynardRoyal Enfield 
DNF0Kenneth TwemlowDOT 
DNF0F WoolleyCotton