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Competitor Profile: W Harry T Meageen

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Harry Meageen Born Cumberland 14 May 1909

1927 Senior Amateur TT (forerunner of Manx Grand Prix). Finished 7th riding HRD.

1928 Junior Amateur TT. Won riding Rex Acme. Fastest Lap.

1929 Junior Amateur TT. Placed 1st but subsequently disqualified*. Fastest Lap.

1929 Senior Amateur TT - Retired with Engine trouble while leading.

*Whilst in the lead and on his last lap his throttle cable broke and he stopped at Hillberry. Deciding to continue the race by holding the cable in his hand he pushed off and it was said that a spectator had foolishly assisted in the operation. Though he was unaware of the push given to him and had not requested it, the Stewards subsequently disqualified him and awarded the trophy to E N Lea who stated that he was not the competitor registering the protest.

Following the 1929 Meeting there was a major dispute regarding payments of bonus money to certain riders, not allowed if you were an amateur. As a result the Amateur TT was scrapped and replaced under new rules by the Manx Grand Prix.

Following all this Harry Meageen turned professional, or at least works-supported, riding Grindley Peerless, Norton and Velocette machines in the TT races until his last race on the Island when he retired in the 1932 Senior Race whilst lying 9th.

He also competed in the Belgian GP, finishing 2nd and 3rd and finished 2nd in the Leinster 200 which was a handicap event. He had the fastest overall time but had to give the winner 3 Laps (18 miles) start!

He was badly injured whilst practising for the 1932 Ulster Grand Prix. The roads were not closed for early morning practise in those days and he was in collision with a vehicle. He never rode again.

He moved to live on the Isle of Man during the early 1950s and for a time ran the Sulby Glen Hotel, which is of course on the TT course. He moved to Ramsey where he lived until his death in 1963.

Dave Meageen

November 2005

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