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T E Rutherford race for some seven years in the 1950’s. During this period he rode a 250cc New Imperial, a 250cc 4-valve Rudge, the 2-valve very special 250cc Horne Rudge, a 250cc Horne NSU, 350cc/500cc Manx Nortons, finishing his career on a NSU 250cc Sportsmax. He raced these machines the length and breadth of the UK, including, of course the Isle of Man and Ireland, with varying degrees of success - and failure!

When his riding career came to a close b=he became well known for his Rutherford built Norton twin specials, also a very fast, but somewhat unreliable machine featuring a Konig racing motorboat 4-cylinder engine. This machine, nevertheless, broke several lap records when ridden by Bob Steele, who it is worthy of note, finished 6th in the TT on one of the Rutherford Norton twin cylinder specials. Among others who raced this machine were Bill Crosier and Eric Houston.

He lives with his wife Nan in Hawick, Scotland – famous as the hometown of Jimmy Guthrie, his son Jimmy, Steve Hislop, Jackie McCredie (250cc Excelsior Manxman) and many others. Currently Stuart Easton is carrying the flag.

T E Rutherford

May 2006

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