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Competitor Profile: Geoffrey J Greenham

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Motorbikes are Geoff’s passion. He began racing motorbikes at the age of 16 in 1973. He then stopped racing in 1986 after a bad accident, which destroyed his bike beyond repair. But luckily Geoff was not badly injured. He managed to get away with a broken collarbone and a bump on the back of his head where the bike hit him.

Geoff Greenham has gained more and more experience over the years and is now one of the best engine/chassis builders in England. He has also participated in helping to build the ultimate street bike. But this was not enough for him. Two years later he started working on Grand Prix Bikes.

A year later, in 1992 while still supplying parts to racers he began working on British Super bikes for that year only. In 1999 Geoff began to supply specialist parts for certain road bikes. He has continued to branch out in this field of motorbikes. But Geoff Greenham Racing ran into bit of a problem in 2001.

In 2001 Yamaha stopped producing some parts. This caused a problem when customers called and enquired about them. So later that year Geoff decided that they would have to get them commissioned. He drew detailed diagram’s (including exact measurements) of the parts they needed and sent them to certain people in the UK, America but most of them went to a company in Spain.

Geoff Greenham Racing is now one of the only companies in the world, which supply these parts. Every year Geoff is getting in more and more customers. He makes sure that every customer goes home happy. Because they are happy with his services and his quality of work they always recommend him. In the future Geoff hopes to branch out more into road/street bikes.

Geoffrey John Greenham and his wife Dawn Helen Greenham established the company in 1986. They have a good reputation and are always well recommended. They started up the company mainly selling used TZ spares but branched out into new TZ spares.

By Emma Greenham


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