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Competitor Profile: Heinz Luthringshauser

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German Champion in 1970, 1972 Vice-World Champion behind Klaus Enders. Two-times Grand-Prix-winner.

On a Yamaha OW31 he made his last season in the late 70`s. When he retired he was nearly 50 years of age. After this he was a competitor in Oldtimer-Races. He died in 1997. The bike-museum in Otterbach (near Kaiserslautern) he founded in an old church. The museum still exists.

Once he told me the following story:

Heinz had a wooden leg (foot to knee). Once on the Isle of Man he came off. Heinz and his passenger flying through the air. His wooden leg was in a strange angle in front of him. His passenger came back corrected the wooden leg, and they were in the race again.

Heinz said that spectators must have thought that he had lost his leg. But after correction they must have thought a wonder had happened!

Link: website.

Many thanks to Bernd Bouillon for providing the above detail.

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