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Competitor Profile: Christophe Di-Marino

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Christophe is an ex rider of endurance races (5 participations for the "Bol D'or" and "Le Mans", 24 hours race). He rode for the endurance ‘Moto 38’ a couple of years (2000 world champion team of endurance stocksport).

He was 1998 climbers champion of France. His first participation in TT was 98 (Suzuki GRSXR SRAD). He went back in 99 on R1. In June 1999, he was severely injured in a promotion race at Ledenon circuit: legs, hips, femur broken, 3 head shocks... 2 month "sleeping"... 9 months without walk and still in re-education.

He went back at TT last year on 1000 Suzuki for Production, F1 and Senior races, gaining two 31st placings and a 27th - not so bad!!!

His nickname in France is ‘gros’, which translated means ‘fat’ – Guess why?

Information kindly supplied by Jerome Melinu.

April 2004

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