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Competitor Profile: Michael G Dixon

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Raced bikes (Goldstar, Manx Norton and Manx/Goldstar) in all UK International and National events during 1962 – 1972, last race was at the final race at Crystal Palace London.

Raced in MGP 64/65/66 and returning after 39 years to ride in 2005 TT Lap of Honour. Crashed heavily second practice on 350 in 64 at Quarry bends. Practice red flagged for a while and taken to Ramsey Hospital across fields in ambulance. Raced and finished 65. Reasonable race on Norton/BSA 350.

66 Going very well and nearly on Leader Board when clutch started slipping. Stopped at Bungalow to adjust and re-started. Clutch went at Signpost and pushed in (honestly-wish I could do that now!) re-started and finished. Pleased that after all situations finished in every race.

Bikes were prepared and looked after for Isle of Man races by Paul Truscott. Paul also raced Goldstars in UK and now lives in Los Angeles. He is visiting the Isle Of Man with his son and grandson for the 2005 TT and will look after the 1973 Triumph Trident to be ridden by Mike in the TT Lap of Honour and the Egli Vincent being ridden by another ex racer, John Trewella.

Also raced a sidecar outfit during 1968-1972 in national and International events in UK

In 1975 started racing single seater racing cars and by 1979 was 2nd in fastest non-professional Supersports racing. Won many races until 1979 when invited to race ex Nelson Piquet F3 car including UK GP Support races. Ended racing career driving March F3 car after crashing and demolishing ex Piquet car in wet practice for 1981 UK GP at Silverstone.

Now runs own business, likes fast cars and rides Triumph 955i Daytona''''.

“Interests: have not changed since 21, just priorities”.

April 2005

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