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Competitor Profile: Adrian Critten

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Adrian says he racing started in 1977 at Jurby Airfield where he competed until 1982 and I also ran in ‘81-‘82 Southern 100’s along with a scutch of road circuits. My best result on the T.T. course was 8th in the 1980 MMCC Senior Newcomers Race on a 500 Kawasaki two-stroke triple

He always campaigned 3 cylinder 2-stroke Kawasaki machines, ending up with an H2R air-cooled model, which at the time (81-82-83) was the only one being raced in the UK, all parts courtesy of Kawasaki race dept Santa Anna California, and was very special!

Adrian dearly loved the machine even though it was notoriously unreliable, the factory couldn’t get them reliable and he ended up slotting the Kawasaki 750 engine in a superbly handling Yamaha OW31 (TZ750) Chassis.

Best TT course lap in 1982 practice (Unofficial at 98.6mph) A member of the Andreas "A" team on race day although failing to complete the race – the Kwacka giving up the ghost once again.

Threw it away big time on Bungalow Bridge in 1983 Manx Grand Prix practice, didn’t ride a motorcycle again for 18 years until recently getting my hands on a beautiful but old and original Honda RC 30. (What I’d have given for one of these 22 years ago!)

I was the very last man to competitively ride a 750/3 Kawasaki on the T.T. course and would dearly love the chance to ride and hear the flat drone of the exhausts once again in the lap of honour so................please Mick Grant give me a run on your personal ex-factory H2R.

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