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Competitor Profile: Brian F McIlroy

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It was a great surprise to find my name here - after putting it into a web search engine just for fun while very bored at work!! It has been so long since my attempt at the Manx that I certainly would not have expected to see any reference to me still on file.

I am now a designer in the aircraft industry having served my apprenticeship in the last century on aircraft maintenance, then moving on to work on motorcycles for some time while racing in the early to mid eighties.

I am working in Germany and unfortunately do not get to see many races now. I was engaged back in 1985 when I competed in the Manx and I failed to escape that one (joke - incase the missus reads this!) and now I have two sons Sam and Tom.

We are just at the stage where Sam is interested in motorcycles and who knows, we may return to the Manx some day!

I have now degenerated into an even slower, older, heavier, "responsible citizen" who gets adrenalin rushes from... radio controlled model aircraft. Very sad I know but at least now I walk TOWARDS the crashes and don't have to hope to be able to walk AWAY from them!

Kindly supplied by Brian McIlroy

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