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Stan Blake, is currently living in Australia.

The photo taken was (by the look of it) the day after he had a serious crash during practice. The give away here is that the faring on the bike is the spare unit, the original one was gold with a bold red stripe, whereas this one is plain gold, additionally he has the large tank on the bike, if my memory serves me well he had decided that he would be able to run the smaller of the 2 tanks during that race at the Isle of Man, a point he was proving when he hit a bad patch of fog on the top of the mountain, now I think of it was during qualifying, as a result he also destroyed the smaller tank.

Stan was an amateur and a privateer (self funded) he rode at such circuits as Brands Hatch, Hockenheim, Silverstone, South Africa (I can't recall the circuit name) and several others as I was a young boy in those days.

He in fact purchased the Honda that he and his mechanic Mike the re-built, they both lived in London at the time.

This can be verified by looking at the logo on the tank in the picture The machine was basically a hybrid and started life out as a road bike, which was purchased in Zambia when Stan then raced a Norton or perhaps an AJS.

I further note that the picture is actually a scanned photo with Stan's autograph clearly visible in the lower left corner, and I can vouch for the signature. I would like to know how Amanda Sheard acquired that photo, was she at the 67 or perhaps her father?

The reason I found this Web Site was I was actually looking for additional info on Stan myself, I'm sure there are a couple of photos of Stan and Mike Hailwood together from the ‘67 TT, as they bumped into each other at several circuits over several years, and became quite friendly.

I will dig up some more info and pass on in the near future; in the meantime if anyone has access to any further stats and pictures of Stan I would be interested to view same.

Stan is my Stepfather and as bad as it sounds I have not seen him for a couple of years, I have been talking in recent months about making the trek to visit with him where he lives in the country.

Robert Gartland

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