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Competitor Profile: Johnny Barton

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John is a sports therapist from the Isle of Man. In 2000 he entered the six lap TT Formula 1 and Senior Races, the four lap Singles Race and the three lap Production Race on Ducatis. He has won 10 silver and four bronze TT replicas and finished 2nd in the 1997 Singles race. In 1999 he was holding second place in the Singles when he retired on the third lap, but he won a silver replica for 13th in the Production Race. He has also scored a victory at Daytona in 1999 and has finished third inthe European Supermono Cup.

"I first met John Barton at the 1981 Manx Grand Prix where his stepfather Rupert Murden was taking part, over the next year I became a frequent visitor to their home in Gravesend as our friendship developed. The next year I started my own efforts of racing in the Manx, occasionally turning in a spectacular performance, notably at the Nook in the 1988 Junior MGP and in the 1994 Junior Classic MGP at Greeba Bridge! I remember very well in 1982 a young Johnny and his pal Lance terrorising the Paddock Hotel with catapults. When it was time for my mechanic "Paddy" and I to go for our tea Johnny had let the air out of one of the tyres and then when we finally got going he rode around the paddock on the bonnet of my old Avenger Estate before jumping in the car and arriving at our digs and calling out to Flo (the landlady), "Hello Auntie Flo, I'm here for my tea", incredibly she gave him a meal just for his cheek! Never at this time did I ever think that John would go on to be a very successful "Privateer" in the TT, leading the Singles for two years on the trot only to breakdown. He has been a very under estimated rider who would have gone a lot further had he been able to get more support further up in the ladder, he has been lucky to have Rupert and his mother Anne behind to help him achieve the high standard he has." -{kindly submitted by Barry Clay}

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