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Competitor Profile: J W Bezzant

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J W (John William aka Jack) Bezzant was my father and competed on a Norton in the first Amateur TT race in 1923. He always claimed to me that he was faster than the 'works' Nortons and despite them offering him a new bike in exchange for his, he refused and was denied a better result by a stuck gear change mechanism. I still have a cigarette case presented to my father by Norton Motors "In recognition of a splendid performance" in the race."

He was working for W O Bentley at the time and had recently mechaniced for the Bentley team at Le Mans. He returned to the Island with the Bentley team later for the Car TT’s.

He returned to the Island in 1925 on a P & M. I have no details on how he did. AlI can remember him telling me was that he was so broke on the return ride home (yes on the same bike!) that he had to push it home to North London from Luton!

I have some photographs of him racing on the Island.

He went on to race bikes and cars at Brooklands and on the continent, including many endurance car events (Le Mans, Mille Miligia etc).

I well remember him warning me of the dangers of the TT course when I told him I was going to compete there. (And that from someone who raced pre-war at Brooklands and on open roads on the Island!)

His replica won in 1923 went missing during a house move to Spain and I would dearly love to obtain a copy of a replica of the period to sit alongside my replica from the 1998 MGP on the mantelpiece.

Yours in sport Alan Bezzant

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