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Competitor Profile: Colin J Hope

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Practice week was fraught with bad weather and a problem with the gear change. The first dry and mist free practice I had the gear lever broke off on the approach to Ballacraine. I coasted up the slip road where one of the spectators asked me what the problem was. I explained whereupon he told me he had a Blacksmiths Forge just down the road. I wheeled the bike down there and he removed the splined boss and fashioned a gearlever from a piece of old rod and welded it to the boss. I then finished the practice lap in something like an hour and 10 minutes!!

For race day I taped this fabricated lever inside the fairing along with a spanner - just in case! I had bought a new item in the meantime. Sure enough, halfway around the first lap the lever broke again. I stopped and removed the old part and fitted the fabricated item to complete the race.

Unfortunately, my low starting position (around 110 I think), combined with this delay meant the leader passed me before I reached the finish line for the last time and was thus classified as a non finisher.

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