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Competitor Profile: John Hold

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John Hold [aka Holdie], married to Anne [aka Johnson] did short circuit, club racing in the 80s. NEMCRC 400 Production champion in 1988 on a Yamaha 350 YPVS, as well as finishing 3rd in the hotly contested Auto 66 championship that same year. A spectating visit to the Manx, for the first time, in 1988 inspired an entry for it in 1989. For this a new Yamaha FZ750 was purchased and prepared for racing.

1989 Senior Newcomers – Yamaha FZ750. Practice week went well and times improved as the week went on. Race day was wet and the start was delayed due to poor visibility on the mountain. A start number of 18 allowed a good run and with confidence on the damp roads we passed quite a few before the field got bunched up when waved yellows on Sulby straight slowed everyone down for a dog on the track. Pressing on from the Gooseneck our race ended with a slide and crash at the 26th milestone. This resulted in “minor” injuries, a helicopter ride and serious damage to the wallet.

1990 Senior– rebuilt Yamaha FZ750. A difficult practice week, struggling with an immobile right ankle and a lack of confidence on the roads. We finished the 6 lap race in 61st, averaging 91.56mph, with a fastest lap of 92.45mph.

1991 Senior– the same FZ750. With movement back in my ankle and more confidence practice was better. We finished the 6 lap Senior in 49th, averaging 94.67mph, with a fastest lap of 94.89mph.

1992 Senior – the same FZ750. The FZ is showing its age but practice went OK. The race was shortened to 4 laps [and was never to be 6 again] due to terrible conditions all around the course. It was started with very heavy rain in most areas, which eased as the race progressed. We finished 41st, averaging 94.29mph, with a fastest lap of 98.32mph.

1993 Junior – Yamaha FZ600. Practice week went well. The 600 was much better to ride than the 750 with similar power but much better handling. We finished 33rd, averaging 100.64mph with a fastest lap of 102.31 and won a silver replica.

1993 Senior – Yamaha FZ600. The pressure was off after my Junior result but we had high hopes of improving on fastest lap. This, sadly, was not to be as the lower fairing fastener failed on the approach to Kirkmichael. The fairing lowers were ripped off to proceed but the fairing upper was flapping dangerously over the Mountain so we retired at the pits. An inauspicious end to my MGP career.

After 5 years of mixed fortunes I was “too old” for the Manx with the age limit of 40. This prompted a break from racing until a few years later when I went back to doing short circuit club racing.

Many thanks to everyone that has helped create a library of great memories for me.

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