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One of my most vivid memories is being taken on a 'supersonic' lap of the TT course by Brian in his Lotus Cortina the day before his fateful last Senior TT ride. I'm sure one of the other passengers that day was the recently demised Norrie Whyte who I think reported the trip for posterity in one of his articles of the day.

Other passengers I can remember were his great mate 'Phil' McCracken and my friend Brian Baxter.

The point of the story is to illustrate the nature of the man and his zest for life. We had met him for the first time earlier that week yet he was only too happy to take time out to give us the experience of a lifetime.

Such generosity surely deserved a much longer future than fate bestowed upon him.

Ours was such a short friendship, but I shall never forget him.

Bob Wilson

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