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I am Austrian, born (1951) and living in Vienna and working as a motoring journalist in Austria's biggest touring magazine.

I had been visiting the Island for 15 years regularly from 1978 onwards but only dared to ride the TT first time in 1992. In 1998 I entered my Honda RC 30 in the Formula 1 but missed the qualification limit by ages. And in my last race, the 98 Production TT on a VTR Honda, I also did not manage to fulfill my dearest hope - to do at least one ton-up-lap on the most demanding and also most awarding racecourse of the world.

I feel sorry now being not only too slow but also too old to get another chance to achieve this goal but keeping my RC 30 and myself in good shape I hope to ride a lap of honour in one of the forthcoming events.

Thanks to Michael for providing the information.

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