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Enter the wild world of Steve Parrish at TT 2018

Friday 18 May 2018
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Steve Parrish

Enjoy the life and times of Steve Parrish (Stavros) which provide a completely different, colorful, humorous and, at times daring portrayal of this man’s career. 

Steve Parrish raced at the highest level of motorcycle racing, with his best finish coming in the 1977 500cc Grand Prix season, as team mate to that year’s champion Barry Sheene. Barry, who met Steve in 1975, is quoted as saying “if he was to set up his bike as well as his victims and had put as much effort into the bike as he did the intricate pranks he pulled on people he would certainly of been a World Champion.” 

Steve Parrish Isle of Man TT 2018 show poster

Steve then dabbled with sports car racing before moving to truck racing “because it was less painful than riding bikes” where he won 5 European Truck Racing titles. 

Steve was the BBC commentator for MotoGPTM and is now a pundit for Eurosports World Superbike and British Superbike coverage. Steve also commentates for ITV4 coverage of the Isle of Man TT. He has been commentating since 1988, but he is equally famous in the world of motorsport for his pranks, and the real reason for this show. 

With a life full of scrapes, near misses and funnies, including riding Barry Sheene’s bike to qualifying for the world champion, filling rooms of sports personalities with live frogs, and jumping hire cars from second floor car parks in Daytona onto the beach. The list is endless and all will be revealed in a non-stop show, bringing smiles to audience’s faces. His antics have led to a visit from “Beadle's About” and have also seen him locked up in a Hong Kong jail for blowing up a brothel. 

Steve flies his own 4 seat aircraft, plays golf badly, shoots clays, hosts track days and even has an entry in the Guinness Book of Records, he attends after dinner events as a guest speaker, all of which offer more opportunities and more victims. 

Joining Steve on stage and leading the proceedings will be Steve’s daughter Frankie, who has lived with  her father’s antics and the embarrassments that it brings, for example being driven to school in a car which number plate reads “PENI5” 

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