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TT set for Friday afternoon qualifying

Thursday 30 May 2019
John McGuinness lands at Ballaugh Bridge on the Norton during Tuesday's qualifying session

- Sunday races confirmed by Clerk of the Course.

In the face of impossible odds Isle of Man TT Races Clerk of the Course Gary Thompson was forced to cancel Thursday's evening qualifying session. 

On top of poor weather conditions an oil spill was reported from Sarah's Cottage through to Barregarrow.

TT 2019 is proving a much more fickle beast than the 2018 edition that saw nearly all practice sessions get underway on time and ample track time for all competitors that needed it.

With Saturday, Monday, Wednesday and Thursday all hit by weather riders, teams and race organisers are up against it to ensure that bikes are qualified ahead of the scheduled start of racing. 

In order to maximise the chances of getting some time on the track organisers confirmed that the Friday afternoon contingency session would be utilised. 

The schedule for the afternoon road closures and qualifying is:

 11:15   Mountain road closes 
 12:30   Rest of Course closes
 13:00   Superbike/Superstock/Supersport & Newcomers 
 14:05   Supersport/Lightweight & Newcomers
 15:00   Sidecars 
 16:30   Roads open except Mountain

The evening's programme of qualifying is:

 18:00   Roads closed around Course
 18:20   Superbike/Superstock/Supersport & Newcomers
 19:55   Sidecars
 20:40   TT Zero Qualifying
 21:30   Roads open except mountain
 22:30   All roads open

Once again the weather forecast is mixed but you can stay up to date with the latest via

The delay to the qualifying schedule has had an inevitable knock-on on the race schedule with Gary Thompson confirming that the first race will now take place on Sunday, with Saturday being used for additional qualifying sessions.

The proposed schedule for Saturday is:

 10:15   Mountain road closes from Ramsey
 11:00   Rest of Course closes
 11:40   Superbike/Superstock/Supersport & Newcomers except Lightweight
 13:10   Sidecar practice 
 14:50   Supersport/Lightweight/All newcomers
 15:45   Sidecars (1 lap)
 16:10   Superbike/Superstock (1 lap)
 16:30   TT Zero
 17:30   Roads open except mountain
 18:30   All roads open

Sunday's proposed schedule was announced as follows:

 12:00   Mountain road closes from Ramsey
 12:45   Rest of Course closes
 13:30   RST Superbike TT Race
 15:50 Sidecar TT Race 1
 17:30   Roads open except Mountain
 18:30   All roads open

Photo: RP Watkinson/

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