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No Friday qualifying as weather disrupts schedule once again

Friday 31 May 2019
TT Update
Hyde and Bryan at Ballaugh during Tuesday's evening qualifying session. Photo RP Watkinson

Sympathy for Clerk of the Course Gary Thompson is riding sky-high as once more at TT 2019 the ACU's man in the tower was forced to inform the paddock - and fans around the world - that weather had defeated organiser's hopes of running a qualifying session. 

Friday's evening cancellation was, including afternoon contingency sessions, the fifth consecutive cancellation in what is turning out to be a very poor year for track time at the TT.

Although some fans have decided to cut their losses and leave the Island, many more have shown the spirit motorcycle fans are well known for:


Other fans have lamented the excellent weather elsewhere in the British Isles

And some decided to use the spare time to do their bit for the Island's environment and coastline.

Sadly, despite Mike and his friends' best efforts the weather wasn't to be persuaded otherwise.

With no other option left to the organisers Friday's qualifying went by the board and attention now turns to Saturday - traditionally the opening race day of a TT meeting - which will now see practices run to the following schedule announced at 18:30 on Friday.

 10:15   Mountain road closes 
 11:00   Rest of Course closes
 11:40   Superbike / Superstock / Supersport & Newcomers except Lightweight
 13:10   Sidecar qualifying
 14:50   Supersport / Lightweight / All Newcomers 
 15:45   Sidecar qualifying 1 lap
 16:10   Superbike/Superstock 1 lap
 16:30   TT Zero 1 lap
 17:30   Roads open except mountain
 18:30   All roads open

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