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Dean Harrison to appear on Top Gear?

Friday 14 June 2019
Dean Harrison at the start of the 2019 RST Superbike TT Race. Photo RP Watkinson

Will Dean Harrison's dream year get even better with an appearance on the famous Top Gear test track? 

Having won the Senior TT Bradford's Dean Harrison has set out to conquer another famous circuit.

The Top Gear test track has hosted well-known celebrities from the worlds of film, music and sport including Alice Cooper, Usain Bolt, Ed Sheeran, Rowan Atkinson and Tom Cruise as they try to set the fast lap time in a "reasonably priced car."

Now Dean has his eye on an appearance on the legendary track, on two- or four-wheels and thanks to presenter Chris Harris it looks like he might get his wish:

Athough Top Gear has traditionally been a stronghold of four wheel petrol heads there have been a few notable moments off two-wheel appreciation on the show such as when former presenter Richard Hammond raced a steam train on a Vincent Black Shadow.

For some fans the idea of one TT star on the show was simply not enough:

And others saw it as an opportunity to settle the ancient two vs four score:

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