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Further delays to Saturday qualifying schedule

Saturday 01 June 2019
TT Update
Michael Rutter waits for the resumption of qualifying at the 2019 Isle of Man TT. Photo RP Watkinson

EDIT: Further days to qualifying.  If a qualifying session goes ahead this evening, roads will close at the following times:

16:45 Barrule Park, Ramsey to Douglas close

17:00 Bungalow to Creg Ny Baa close.

17:30 Rest of the TT Course Closes

The Isle of Man woke to mixed conditions on Saturday morning with some areas blanketed in thick fog and elsewhere the sun was showing through the high clouds.

Clerk of the Course Gary Thompson took to twitter to vent some of his exasperation at waking up to yet another day of failed promise:

At 8:00am organisers had confirmed that the previously announced schedule for the day's qualifying would remain in place.

However, by 9.35am Gary Thompson's earlier messages had translated into a one hour delay to the start of the day's schedule

 TBC   Mountain road closes 
 TBC   Rest of Course closes
 TBC   Superbike / Superstock / Supersport & Newcomers except Lightweight
 TBC   Sidecar qualifying
 TBC   Supersport / Lightweight / All Newcomers 
 TBC   Sidecar qualifying 1 lap
 TBC   Superbike/Superstock 1 lap
 TBC   TT Zero 1 lap
 TBC   Roads open except mountain
 TBC   All roads open

The weather forecast from the Isle of Man Met Office shows another unsettled day ahead but with the conditions gradually improving with Sunday and Monday looking more promising still.

See the Bungalow webcams for yourself See the Latest from the Mountain

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