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Isle of Man COVID Travel Update

Friday 01 April 2022
TT Travel Update
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The Isle of Man Government has announced its plans to change their COVID-19 approach to get the island back to normal life. Yesterday (3rd February 2022) the Isle of Man’s Chief Minister, Alfred Cannan, announced the government’s new COVID-19 approach set to be implemented from 31st March 2022. The new strategic approach announced yesterday sets out the next step for returning the Isle of Man back to ‘normal life’ living with COVID-19. The plan establishes the framework of the island’s return back to normal including the travel related measures and restrictions set to be rolled out in the next phase of the strategic approach. We’ve summarised the travel policies below to outline what to expect when travelling to the Isle of Man once the new approach is implemented. Pre-arrival For a period of time, a travel declaration will need to be completed by all those travelling to the island. This information will be held for a short period of time by the Isle of Man Government so that individuals can be contacted if necessary.

There will be no public health checks upon arrival to the island however checks of travel declarations will be completed on an ad-hoc basis for compliance purposes.

There will be no isolation or testing requirements following arrival to the island for both vaccinated and unvaccinated people.

The only restrictions would be to those who are travelling from a country on the UK red list. Those travelling from a red list country will only be allowed entry following the completion of the relevant quarantine period prior to arriving on the island.

Conditions for New Approach
It was emphasised during the announcement that the below conditions will need to be present in order to move to this new strategic approach at the end of March.

1 – The island’s health services are operating normally
2 – Vaccines remain available and effective
3 – No new variants of concern that may lead to serious consequences
4 – The situation on the island is stable
5 – The situation in the British Isles is stable

Please be aware that the changes set out in the Isle of Man Government’s new approach may be subject to change. We therefore advise that you visit the Isle of Man Government’s COVID website to keep up-to-date with the latest information relating to the COVID response.

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