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Thursday's qualifying session underway in ideal conditions

Thursday 31 May 2018
Michael Rutter Copyright © 2018 Tony Goldsmith

After a murky start to the day, the skies brightened ahead of Thursday's qualifying session and the first bikes left the line in near ideal conditions.

The Clerk of the Course warned riders there were damp patches between The Ginger Hall and Kerrowmooar, at the entrance and exit of the Ramsey Hairpin and at the Nook and Governor's Dip.

Completing his first lap, Dominic Herbertson told Manx Radio TT's Chris Kinley that the track was in good condition and thanked the marshals for doing a good job of signalling the damp areas with the lack of adhesion flags.

First lap pace was noticeably steadier than Tuesday's session as riders made their own assessment of the circumstances.

Those that continued for a second circuit wound the taps open a little more and Peter Hickman recorded his fastest lap of the week at 132.806mph.

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