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2018 Senior Race day schedule confirmed

Friday 08 June 2018
Conor Cummins at Ballaugh on the Masterpixel Padgetts Superbike. Photo Dave Kneen / Pacemaker Press Intl

Clerk of the Course Gary Thompson has confirmed that conditions are good all around the TT course and that today will run as per the published schedule:

08.45: Barrule Park Ramsey to Bungalow closed

09.00: Bungalow to Creg Ny Baa closed

09.30: All course closed

10.30: Sidecar Race 2 (3 Laps)

11.50: John McGuinness Norton Parade Lap

12.45: PokerStars Senior TT (6 laps)

15.30: Roads open except Mountain section

16.30: Roads open around the Course.

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