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iomtt Calendar to benefit riders charity

Sunday 04 November 2018
iomtt wall calendar 2019

Sales of the new iomtt 2019 calendar will benefit the TT Riders Association, with a donation made for every calendar sold. 

Founded in the 1950s when a privateer rider's life was about as perilous as it is possible to get, the TTRA is always waiting in the wings to support any rider or their family in need after injury or worse.

It doesn't just support the stars that compete on the TT Mountain Course, the TTRA has built an important role in providing much needed emergency medical equipment to the helicopter-based medics, and also for Noble's Hospital and Southport Spinal Unit. 

The calendar is available in wall and desktop formats, both printed on high quality photo paper, and features 12 top notch photos from 2018's record breaking racing. 

Peter Hickman, Michael Dunlop, Ben and Tom Birchall and Michael Evans are just a few of the stars of the superb shots.

Photographers whose work is featured include Tracey Killey, Steve McDonald, Gavan Caldwell, Dave Kneen and Rod Neill.

The calendars are on sale now via with deliveries expected to start mid-November.

To discover more about the TTRA visit their comprehensive website here

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