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Isle of Man TT racer Debbie Barron wins Susan Jenness Trophy

Friday 28 December 2012
Debbie Barron, winner of the Susan Jenness Trophy in 2012, in action during the 2012 Isle of Man TT fuelled by Monster Energy

The Susan Jenness Trophy has been awarded to Debbie Barron for 2012.

The trophy is handed out every year to the female competitor who, in the eyes of the Executive Committee of the TT Supporters’ Club, made the most meritorious performance during the TT meeting.

At this year’s Isle of Man TT fuelled by Monster Energy, Barron became the first female Isle of Man TT sidecar driver and, in fact, one of the few women to have piloted a three-wheel outfit around the Mountain course.

After failing to qualify for the Sure Sidecar A race, Barron and her passenger Robert Lunt, also from the Island, managed to make the requisite speed by Wednesday’s second race, again revealing the skill and determination shown in securing her Mountain course licence during the previous few months.

The crew came home 33rd at a race average speed of 86.87mph, which the committee felt was a truly meritorious performance.

The Susan Jenness Trophy is presented in memory of Susan who lost her life some years ago whilst marshalling at a UK off-road event. Arrangements will be made for Susan’s husband, Mick, to present the trophy to Debbie Barron.

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