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Sarolea TT Zero Press Release

Tuesday 14 June 2016
Lee Johnston on the Sarolea at Jurby

All our data shows we had bikes that were competing for the podium. We were in this to win. We were in this to do 120mph plus, we wanted to be the first team to do that, to win podiums and break records. We know what our bikes are capable of and our riders and the data confirmed that.

However, despite putting our everything into making that happen we made the decision not to start due to a last minute technical issue. It hurt a lot to not start, both Dean and Lee wanted to ride but the safety of our riders is paramount and especially at the speeds we are going. The decision was made with integrity and courage.

Bjorn Robbens, co-owner Saroléa said:

“The issue we encountered was the mapping of the power that uses data from the motor to guide the throttle response. The data got scrambled and so we could not be sure that the throttle would respond the way that we wanted it to. After retracting from the grid, we went back to our paddock and got straight back to work to solve the issue and prove the bikes’ performance. We did that and then took them out on Thursday with our test rider who was hitting speeds over 160mph around the short track at Jurby”.

Dean and Lee are 100% on board and will continue to work with us on developments and testing and we are back in the workshop now preparing for testing at Francorchamps and Nürburgring. We also continue our plans to produce our road legal bike on the Isle of Man.

This is cutting edge technology and is not easy for any of the teams and it’s not just us, it looks like it wasn’t meant to be for anybody this year. Seeing that the winning lap time did not get improved from last year, it just goes to prove that this is hard for everybody.

So next year all the teams will all start again with the same goal, but we want to be the team that gets 120mph first. Make no mistake, we want that record. Thank you for all your support and especially our partners DQ Advocates, Bridgestone and the IOM Government who are supporting our journey and we hope to see you again later this year.

Torsten and Bjorn Robbens, Saroléa

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