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Mathison and Maeso spearhead University of Nottingham TT Zero team

Thursday 16 March 2017
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2017 University of Nottingham electric superbikes

After achieving a fine 3rd place at the SES TT Zero Race in June 2016, Nottingham is now officially the fastest university entry in TT Zero history. The team won the Motul TT Team Award in recognition of their technical excellence in 2016 and they are currently improving the two prototype bikes to aim at even more success at the 2017 Isle of Man TT Races fuelled by Monster Energy.

This year’s riders - Antonio Maeso and Daley Mathison - are both confident of returning the team to the podium. Daley Mathison is expected to have his best TT so far, with very competitive machines in the petrol classes and an ebike that is ready to show its full potential. On the other hand, Antonio Maeso is making a miraculous return to the Isle of Man TT after a serious crash in 2013, and will combine his experience with a TT campaign focused around the Zero class.

“The team’s passion and fundamental understanding of the latest technology in the electric vehicle research arena will help push them to the top step in the podium,” Dr Gimeno-Fabra, the lead academic for the project, said:

“We were still seen as the underdogs prior to last year’s TT Zero Race, but we have proved our abilities with a fine podium place. The TT is a seriously competitive environment and we’ve achieved fantastic results with only a fraction of the investment of the big bike manufacturers racing against us.”

“This year we want to show the full potential of our machines, which is something that we have not yet been able to do. We think that we have the right people on board, and fully committed riders that love the project and are helping massively in developing the bikes so this time we have every reason to think that we will be pushing the top teams.”

You can keep up to date with the team’s progress by following their Facebook page UoN Superbike.

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